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How much would you budget for a two week trip through Mexico, hitting mostly major cities to stay in but none of the tourist trap expensive cities, example: cancun?

How cheap is it to get around? Long distances: busses, trains, not flying though?

Been to Mexico before, cancun, tijuana, so got an idea of how and what the countrys like, plus I live in Texas so its not too far off.
Dont know if actually planning on takin a trip there or not but just pondering on the idea since it would probably be cheaper than driving cross country or anything else here in the states this summer or fall.

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For information on bus prices you can have a look on the following website. They have all the bus companies listed with their websites.

For hostals you will pay around 200 till 300 pesos a night. There are cheaper places but this will be the avarage i guess.

For food you will spend around 100 till 150 pesos a day. Of course this depends on what you buy and how many beers your drink.


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