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Hi all,

can anyone give me some tips about a route I can do in New Zealand for 2 weeks?
I am flying into Auckland and want to get down to Queenstown, would this be do-able in 2 weeks?

Any advice would be appreciated.


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Yes, I did it in 2 weeks but if you could spare any more time at all I would as it's such a great place to go and I only wished I had longer. Magic Bus is a good option for the North Island but two of their stops on the South Island suck especially when you have such a short amount of time namely Greymouth and Dunedin - skip at all costs when you have only 2 weeks and spend extra time around the glaciers and at Mount Cook. If you plan to do the heli hike at Franz Josef you need to allow a couple days grace just in case it's cancelled due to weather and the next day could be perfect.

OK, start at the start, Get OUT of Auckland fast and I mean max the day after you arrive and head south to Rotorua passing Waitomo on the way. If you do the abseiling tour it's good but the toobing is a bit of a let down, VERY tame. Rotorua was great fun mainly for the Zorbing which is the giant beach ball with water inside rolling down a hill and .. yes .. you and a mate should be in there too ;-0 Polynesian Spa is also worth a lounge in. Taupo is where most people do their bungy jump as it's the cheapest but to be honest, only by $10 or so. The best advice is to do it where you get good weather as one friend of mine planned doing it on the glaciers and after 15 tries around the whole of the 2 islands she ended up doing in Taupo as that's the only place she got the weather!! Good fun nights out there as well and the Tongario Crossing is cool. Wellington was fine, a windy city and a way to get to the South. If you meet people in the North try and convince them to rent a campervan as this way you can do what YOU want. Abel Tasman is a must and then stay over in Nelson before skipping down to the glaciers and then on again to Queenstown. Milford Sound is a trek so maybe think about staying in Te Anu for the night or you'll be driving all day. Over to Mount Cook after there and on to Christchurch. Kaikoura is where you can see whales etc at the right time of year so look into that and I guess it depends where your flight leaves from if you do more than that!!

Hope that helps. Good luck,

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Thanks for the detailed reply, really appreciate it.

I will probably rent a car in Auckland and then return it in Queenstown.

How long does the ferry crossing take and how much does it cost?
Do you have to book in advance does anybody know?


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Think you'll find answers to most of your questions on this web site www.interislander.co.nz
don't think you have to book in advance but you might not get on the one you want and have to wait for the next ferry if you don't....;) and I don't think you have a lot of time so it might just be a good idea. you can also find a lot of info about accomodations, things to do, what to see etc on this site
Hope this will help
Have fun and safe travels