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1. Posted by Utrecht (Moderator 5672 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Assuming that islands like Mauritius and Reunion belong in this Forum, I'll put the question(s) here.
To begin with: has anyone been to one of those islands, or maybe both?
Can anyone suggest one of the two to be better/more beautiful.
I don't want a beach holiday, I've heard the islands have a lot to offer culturewise and naturewise and renting a car can be a good way of seeing something. Any advise on this?
What's the best way to get there from Europe? Best deals of flights?
Well, hope anyone can help.
Thanks, Michael

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Hi Michael,
Baluba has just left Mauritius for Madagascar so you could message her for info.

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Hi Michael, got to you first!
Seychelles is best for beaches but as you dont want that then Mauritius is much better, the beaches are nothing spectacular but theres all sorts of other places to go. Up in the mountains, huge hindu place with a sacred lake and stuff ( sorry, but it was pissing down with rain so hard I couldnt even get out of the car!). The mountains are really beautiful (when its not raining), there is a lot of cultural stuff to do, wildlife parks, the botanical gardens are awesome, I am told there is a huge hindu temple in the middle of the sea at Flaq but I never managed to get there. Easy to hire a car and pretty cheap too. They drive on the left if that helps. You could easy fill a week travelling around the island. Only problem is that although the roads are good, the signs are a nightmare, better if there are two of you, one to navigate. You could also spend another week visiting other islands, diving, snorkling etc. The food is to die for.
Cant help with reunion although I am told it is pretty spectacular. Nosy Be off Madagascar is a stunning collection of islands, but only if you like beaches/snorkling/diving.
Naturewise, if you are looking for animals, forget it, few birds and tortoises!
Anything else I can help with just PM me, dont always have time to get onto TP.