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1. Posted by will13 (Full Member 73 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

I have came up with this itinerary for December/January of this year:

[12 Dec 2007] Vienna, Austria
[12 Dec 2007 - 15 Dec 2007] Budapest, Hungary
[16 Dec 2007 - 18 Dec 2007] Zagreb, Croatia
[19 Dec 2007 - 22 Dec 2007] Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina
[22 Dec 2007 - 25 Dec 2007] Belgrade, Serbia
[26 Dec 2007 - 29 Dec 2007] Sofia, Bulgaria
[30 Dec 2007 - 02 Jan 2008] Bucharest, Romania
[04 Jan 2008 - 06 Jan 2008] L'viv, Ukraine
[08 Jan 2008 - 11 Jan 2008] Kraków, Poland
[12 Jan 2008 - 14 Jan 2008] Prague, Czech Republic
[14 Jan 2008] Vienna, Austria

For a link to the map of this trip visit:

Is this doable in the time frame I have given? Are the days I have allowed to each city fair? Are the time slots I have allowed for driving between places fair? What are your opinions on the places I intend to visit? What is it like crossing between these countries? And finally how much do you think it will cost on fuel to do this drive of roughly 3200 KM in a mini rental car?



2. Posted by Utrecht (Moderator 5655 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hi William,
I guess the 5 weeks you allowed for this part of Europe are fine. Also the time in cities and in between cities is not too rushed at all.
I haven't been to all cities you mentioned but I think Prague and Budapest are the nicest I've been to, Vienna is ok as well. I heard good stories about L'viv and Krakow as well.
Belgrade is not reall something special, a day would be enough to visit some highlights.
Although not really beautiful, I liked Bucharest in a way, and you shouldn't miss Chauecescus palace which is amazing.
Don't know about Sofia, Zagreb and Sarajevo, but it's not the nicest part of the countries Bulgaria, Croatia and Bosnia. Take some time to visit the countryside/mountains as well and fit in a place like Mostar in Bosnia if you can.

That time of year you might need some snowchains by the way if visiting mountain areas, or even roads in lower areas, as there can be lots of snow.

For 3200 km I guess about 300 euro/350 dollar will be enough, assuming the car does about 12 or 13 km a litre and over1 euro per litre.

Cheers, Michael

3. Posted by will13 (Full Member 73 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Thankyou for the very good reply :)

I will be making time for smaller cities in the countries as well as we drive through, I just listed the major cities to draw up a sort of guidline. Once we get on the road though we will just go with the flow.

Thanks for the tip about the snow chains :)

Me and my friend will be splitting the car rental and fuel so we are looking at 550 Euro each...thats pretty good for a month of travel excluding hostels and food/drink?