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Hi guys, i'm going to Ibiza in August. I have a decent choice of low cost flights from Northern Italy, but i'm also considering to go with own car to Spain.
My first question is: is there a ferry (suitable for cars) from Spanish coastline to Ibiza? How much does it cost and where can i get it?

Another question: what are the best areas to stay in the island? I'm going there for a couple of weeks and i'd prefer an hotel or hostel. I know San Antonio is a bit cheaper than the Eivissa city area (Patya Den Bossa) .. what about your experiences?

I've been told that, once in the island, you definitely need a car ? Is that true ? I'm not considering hiring a car, cause it would drive me out the budget, that's why i'm considering to reach the place with own car...

Any tips about the life (clubs, life costs, beaches, things to do ) are welcome as well.

Thank you, Giovanni

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Yes, there is a ferry from Denia on Costa Blanca, as well as from Valencia and from Barcelona. It is a well-establishes route, so you shouldn't have any problems orting yourself out. You can view all the ferry companies and their prices / timetables on this page:

Ferry Ibiza - Denia/Valencia

This page is for Valencia / Denia only but the same companies will operate to Barcelona.

Can't answer your other questions, I'm afraid

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Thank you.
I've chosen to fly and rent a car down there, it's cheaper.

Anyway has anyone been in San Antonio? What's the life like down there? I know it's 20 km far from Ibiza city, but renting a car should neutralise the problem of the distance...