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1. Posted by lauralh4 (Inactive 5 posts) 17y Star this if you like it!

Right, so I was planning this trip to Thailand next year, but realised I really want to go to India as well, so am now sort of planning to go to India after about 6 weeks in Thailand. I would be going to India around late-July/early-August 2008...but I am completely clueless about everything! Is it a safe place? Cos Id be travelling on my own (gonna be a 20-year-old girl travelling alone by then, so am naturally a teensy bit worried) and all. Also - anyone got an idea of the budget Id need for that trip? How much money do you reckon I should take to India for, say, a month or so? And does anyone know how much, more or less, itd cost me to get from Thailand to India? And what are the best places to see there? ...yes, as I said, I am COMPLETELY clueless, but crazy about doing this trip. Any help will be very appreciated!! Cheers to all! :)

2. Posted by rwright (Budding Member 20 posts) 17y Star this if you like it!

check out its got heaps of info about india and good forums too :)

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I would say since you are have no idea where to start, what to see, how much to bring etc...I would say your first plan of action is to grab a travel guide and start reading. Better idea is to head to a book store and/or library, and spend a couple hours browsing the first couple chapters of several travel guides on India. Most companies, like Lonely Planet, Let's Go, Rough Guides, etc..will fill their first couple chapters with loads of practicle info like the questions you just asked.
Once you've read them and also have checked out a few pages worth of posts on this (and other) forums, you'll have a pretty good idea of what you are doing, and you can ask some more specific questions.

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hey Degolasse mentioned u gotta read n then be specific

about july august ...its monsoon season in india...tho its not heavy thru'out india...but lots of parts have heavy torrential rains..think u should pick up a lonely planet on india... also wot kind of travel are u interested in..basis that can suggest a bit

me plannin to go to 'ladakh' in august..its north india...the hills..the road opens only june september i think


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uve got some lovely pics in ur album

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hey laura,

July/august would be the rainy season in most parts of India, but if u like the rains, like to be drenched and get soaked then u would enjoy it all the more.
Regarding the budget, host of options are available to fit everyones pocket.
Since ur travelling alone, just be careful of the touts present in almost all the touristic areas. avoid visiting the various ashrams. Southern part of india is much safer than the north.
U can surely consider Leh and the numerous excursions it offers. Since this area is a cold desert, there will be no rains in July and roads will be open for vehicular traffic due to snow melt.
Let me know if u need more info


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Heey! Thanx so much to all! And yeah, Im definitely planning to get a Lonely Planet for both India and Thailand (since Im going to Thailand before India), but seeing as Im going from July to September (which I didnt know was the rainy season! But I cant go at other doesnt bother me anyway! :)) of next year, I wanted to get the Lonley Planets for 2008, so I havent got them yet of course. I think Im gonna start checking out more message boards and that webpage rwright mentioned too, and get a clearer idea! If I still got doubts, I'll come back - but if you have any ideas, go ahead and spill em! Im up for any options, I love planning all this stuff! Thanx again!! (And cheers for the comment on the pics, traveler1 )

8. Posted by arif_kool (Travel Guru 1757 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

Since ur going in July 2008, u have enough time to plan ur trip to the minutest of details. It is heartening to know that weather is not a problem for u, so get ready for wet holiday in india.
wish u all the best