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Hi Everyone my name is Rosita and I have a question in regards to my ETA. Its the first time that I applied for one so I have no clue on how it really works.
It said I have multiple entries and the stay of period is 3 months. It also said employment is not allowed, which I know.
I know its valid for 12 months. So does that mean I can stay for 3 months, leave Australia and then I can come back for 3 months and so on? A friend of mine told me something about a condition 8503 what is that and how do I know if I got it? It didnt say anything about it, after I got the confirmation that my visa was approved.
My plane will leave in July and I wanted to stay the whole 3 months and I would like to come back for xmas, is that possible?
Thanks for your help!!


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Hi Rosita

From what l read your ETA is valid for 12 months from when you apply - so if you apply today 14th June 2007 it will be valid until 13th June 2008. During that time you can visit Oz and stay for a 3 month period then you must leave, but if you decide to come back within the 12 month period of the visas validity that is fine and again you can only stay for 3 months.

You are not allowed to work under this visa.

Check out THIS site for further detail.


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Condition 8503 is "No Further Stay" - check out this page on the DIAC website for the details of this.

If you applied for the ETA online and it went through smoothly without it being mentioned in the confirmation of approval, then you wouldn't have that condition attached.

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You can stay for three months, but if you want any more time, you will need to leave the country and re-enter.