Which boots are made for walking?!

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I'm off on my travels in Oct and looking to invest in a pair of walking shoes. Just to give you an idea of where I'll be - Singapore, Aus, NZ, Fiji then Bangkok.

Not planning on doing any huge walks, but want something comfy for when generally walking around in and that also will let me feet breath a bit, esp when it's hot. The 'approach' type trainer/shoe seem to fit the bill

What kind of things have used? I've seen some of the Merrell's that look ok, but I know it's better to try them on in the shops first.

Any help would be much appriciated

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Check out these... five ten guide tennies. I use them for hiking and walking. Also approach shoes for climbing. Really comfortable. I also wear them for work!

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Your title was funny. ' Which boots are made for walking? '
I felt like replying ' Jessica's boots are made for walking, though they are from Prada. ' (or is it Guicci?)

Check out Montrail. Those were the first pair of shoes I first came in contact with. And trust me, it is real good. Montrail is very technology-focused, and you can see it from its boots. They have walking shoes and leather boots. But even their walking shoes are sturdy enough to do a little tough terrain.

Both walking shoes and leather boots are made with Vibram. Its walking shoes are very sturdy, in the sense that if you try to bend the base, it cannt be bent, or rather it takes HUGE amount of force to bend it. The technology now is that, shoes does not have to be high up at ankle to give support. As long as it has a steady base, you will be steady as a human load. Hence, they enforce this technology into their shoes!

Check them out. I know about montrail, never go looking around for others. :)

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I have had Vasques and Solomons waterproof day hikers, and liked both of them. I like a high-top (with ankle support), in the event you are walking on un-even groun. The waterproof was excellent on both. Foot support was really good, which is important for me because I have metatarsalgia in the past, so I need good support.

I also have a pair of ECCO dress-shoes, which I like. They also make more casual shoes.

I think the best thing you can do is get yourself to a outdoor shop, and try some pairs on.


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I recently bought a pair of Garmont hiking boots. They're definitely too bulky and heavy for the urban jungles of Singapore, but great for walks on uneven ground if you're on walking trails in Oz. Attractions like caves and waterfalls are usually a bit of a walk though the bush, but usually well-formed paths. From what I saw when I was shopping for mine, here are your options:

Hiking boots: with high tops to stop your ankles rolling on uneven ground. Super comfy no matter how tough the terrain is.

Hiking/walking boots: with low ankles to allow more freedom of movement. Super comfy, less weight, fine for mostly even terrain.

Serious walking shoes: With lots of cushioning and support, thinner soles than low hiking boots. Best for city and even-terrain walking tracks. Ecco is a good brand.

Pussy walking shoes: I haven't seen the full range of Merrell shoes, but the ones I tried on were just glorified fashion shoes. They didn't have any support at all, I don't know how their cushioning is. Good looking and not much more. Probably fine for the city?

In the hiking boots, (high and low) there are waterproof and non-waterproof. While the waterproof gore-tex ones will let your feet breathe, they are still hotter than non-waterproof ones. If you're investing a lot of money in a pair that will last a few years (say, $160 Aussie dollars plus), think about your next trip too when deciding whether you need waterproof ones. But if you're only buying the cheapest ones available, (like $70?) they probably won't last long, so for this trip I would say you don't need waterproof ones.

If I were going on your trip, I would be going for non-waterproof, low hiking/walking boots or serious walking shoes.

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i have 2 pairs of boots for walking. my first pair is ex-army combat boots. fully waterproof and long durability and after a while quite comfy, takes a lot of breaking in though. they cost me about £30. my other pair is gortex protex boots perfect for walking but cost about £80.


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I have a pair of Danner Stryker Gtx 4.5 these are low top boots, waterproof ,with gortex booty inside the boot. I paid around 100.00 for them.

I use them at work standing for 14 hours a day. only downside is if you use them in a car the leather stitching tneds to break from rubbing against the sharp plastic panels near the gas pedals.

find them at any america sporting bigbox store.

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i think it depends on how much ankle support you need whether or not to get hiking shoes vs. hiking boots. i swear by asolo hiking shoes that include ankle support. i bought a pair the day before hitting the road for 6 months and got no blisters - and this included an "Everest Trek" in Nepal! i still wear them.

otherwise, i just live in my birks or tevas the rest of the time. so my vote is for one pair of hiking boots/shoes and one pair of sandles. good luck shopping and happy travels!

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