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my brother wants to travel to Romania to see the "Vampire" sights.

I'm now looking for information on best how to do it - ie where to go to, where I can find information on sights and things to do and how to get to Romania from Germany on a budget. He and his girlfriend plan to drive her brandnew car all the way down - totally stupid if you ask me. There must be a better, faster and cheaper way. (Unfortunately I have not found any budget flights leaving from North-Eastern Germany.)

I would especially love to hear from anybody who has done ia similar trip.

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There are lots and lots of Dracula sights, many of which are barely anything to do with Vlad Tepes. The two which instantly spring to mind are in Sighisoara, where the house he died in [or was born? think the former] is now a restaurant, and a reasonably decent one. Then on the road to Brasov, there is a castle which is known as Dracula's castle, although in actuality, he never did anything there except attack it once. But it's an interesting place, for sure (for many reasons) and all the hostels etc in Brasov offer cheap tours to it (often including other sights/castles and the Sinaia palace).

There are several other "Dracula" castles dotted around the place and other attractions as well (and, of course, other more generic Transylvanian vampire stuff)

Sighisoara and Brasov are two lovely towns and worth seeing anyway (Sibiu is another highly recomended place to visit)

As for getting there, there are direct buses from Northern Germany (and many other places) though obviously these aren't the quickest. There are also a number of trains (there is a direct carriage through from Munich, a daily through service from both Wien and Praha and lots of other options changing in Budapest), though as my own regular trips there can attest to, it isn't a quick journey. Munich or Praha to Bucuresti direct are both almost 24hours. Wien to Bucuresti is 16hours.

I'm obviously not the flying expert, but i do know that there are cheap flights from certain Italian cities at the very least, and it's possiuble that flying via somewhere (Wien is another obvious starting point, but there are no cheapies to Budapest which tends to be hideously expensive to fly to as my friends always complain about)

Driving is an option, though if they have never been to Eastern Europe before, i'd advise against it. Roads are bendy and hilly and not quick, whilst driving standards are, erm, interesting, and having a fancy brand new foreign car will mark them down as a target (in the sticks at least), though it should be said, nowhere near as much as a few years ago - new and often fancy foreign registered cars are by no means unusual now and are normally left well alone

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The village of Bran is the one with the castle supposed to be Vlad's castle. Sighisoara is a lovely place and well worth a visit.

Roads can be very 'pot holed' so be very careful when driving and they can be very haphazard in their driving techniques as they have little regard to the rules of the road.

Romania is a beautiful country, and well worth a visit

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Hi, both car and train have their advantages.I suggest you take the train unless you have a good road map, a guide or a GPS.
As for the places you can visit:Sighisoara (where Vlad Tepes was born), Bran Castle-near Brasov- (where Vlad Dracul spent few days), Poienari Fortress (rebuilt by Vlad Dracul), Dracula Castle in Piatra Fantanele and Snagov Monastery (near Bucharest) where Vlad Tepes' grave is supposed to be.
These are the most important places you can go and find out a lot of interesting stories about Vlad Tepes and vampires.
You can find more information about the places I wrote above on the internet.
If you need any more help you can contact me because I live in Brasov.

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yeah Dracula never built anything - he only destroyed stuff...
But the Sigi Castle is really cool. If your into the Dracula myth then you should go to Bratislava - nearby is Countess Bathory's castle - im heading there this October! The legend of Camilla and even Bram Stokers baddie was based on this vampiress ;)