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Hey Everyone,
I am thinking of going to Myanmar in July/August but am unsure of the weather. I heard that it is monsoon season usually around this time and road came become impasable. I was just wondering if anyone knows if it is still worth it to travel there at this time because I will be spending the 28 days there and would like to go to Bagan, Inle Lake, Mawlamyine, Kengtung and possibly one of the beaches. Will I still be able to reach these places or is it too risky?


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Yes, the rains will fall, but don't let that prevent you from going. Although some rural roads will be a bit muddy, the fields will be very green and the scenery beautiful. There are regular bus routes between the cities you mentioned and other than the normal delays (buses DO break down over there) you should have no problems getting around. Taking the train (also a slow option, but scenic) to some towns is also an option. And you might consider taking flights between some of the major cities. Going to Kengtung, in fact, will require a flight. During this slow/rainy season, fares are cheaper than they are during the busier months. Myanmar is a wonderful country to visit. Enjoy it!

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Thank you, thats good to hear. I don't mind if it rains as long as I can get to most places. That seals the deal!! Will definitely enjoy myself :)

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Hi Romy,

I was there in July-August of '05 and from what I remember the climate varied greatly from the north to the south. Around Yangon, Golden Rock and Inle Lake it rained a lot but Mandalay and Bagan were very hot and dry. Bagan in particular was very dry. I got the impression that there were 2 distinct climate zones for the region (someone might want to correct me on this point). Despite the rain, the main tourist places were accessible and the trip was awesome.

Bus travel was really, really slow but this was mainly due to the military/police checkpoints every hour where all the locals had to get off and show their papers and the speed limit felt like it was about 40km/h. Not sure if that's still the same now.


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Was there in the HOT dry season March/April 2006 so can't advise on personal experience in July/August, but am currently checking these sites for info on Japan weather for my September trip.

Ngapali beach was superb then (best way to get there is fly - we flew in from Bangan on Mandalay Airlines) but in the monsoon season???

worldclimate gives Yangon -

Average Rainfall
mth Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
mm 3.5 4.1 16.9 46.7 307.3 477.5 534.5 510.5 367.7 183.4 62.0 11.3 2505.6
inches 0.1 0.2 0.7 1.8 12.1 18.8 21.0 20.1 14.5 7.2 2.4 0.4 98.6

So it averages 20 or 21 inches of rain in both July and August but Mandalay looks drier on