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Hello fellow travellers!! I am off to the Greek Islands at the end of July 07, and have about 8/9 days to play with. Now the only island I have 100% guaranteed is Santorini. My other 2 options are...Mykonos which for the positive side, some ppl say is a 'must see' with some of the best nitelife, but on the negative, is soooo expensive, and (although Im not a homo-phobe) is highly frequented by the gay scene. On the other side, I will have a greek friend of mine who will be in Kos, which she raves about, and although is alot further to travel to/from Athens, is also just as beautiful by day with some awesome nitelife and much much cheaper overall. Am open to all/any advice you past island hoppers may have for me ?

2. Posted by ChristosV (Budding Member 11 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Kos no question

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Did Mykonos in 2003 and it was OK but didn't think it was anything special compared to Paros or Naxos.
I would do Kos for two main reasons.
1 - you will have a Greek friend there
2 - getting to Mykonos in your future travels will be easier to do than getting to Kos

Does 2 make sense????

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Haven't been in Kos, but have ben in Mykonos 2 years ago. First of all, let's say that it's also packed with good looking girls.
It's pretty expensive, especially in August. Renting a moped or a car is a must, even though in August there are often queues and bikes/ mopeds are much more suitable in the traffic.
There are beaches suitable for every tastes: from the glamorous Paradise beach with aperitivi and music during all day to more natural ones, which you have to reach on your own.
There are also buses, but don't know if the service is good enough.

It's a fun island and if you don't fancy big clubs (Cavo Paradiso is the most famous) just in the centre of Mykonos there are many nice bars like the Skandinavian. Be sure not to lose yourself in Mykonos: the town is a labirint, built in the past centuries to escape from the pirates that usually attacked the town.

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Hi, I have just been to Mykonos, Ios and Santorini all in about 9 days. I definatly reccommend mykonos, Paradise beach is amazing and yes maybe a bit expensive but the whole island is both beautiful and full of beautiful people. Are you not going to Ios? its the party island of the year and really crazy, but great beaches too. Santorini is great for all reasons, I stayed at piressa beach but wud reccommend Thira town or beach as a preference.

Hope you have fun xx

6. Posted by theodoridi (Budding Member 38 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

You cannot really compare Mykonos to Kos..
A preserved cosmpolitan island, with amazing beaches and nightlife. Expensive yes but definitely worth its money.....yes it has a gay scene but this should not be a problem as they usually go to specific bars and beaches, there are beaches in Mykonos where there are very few tourists and there are villages you can get lost. Amazing restaurants...... beach bars......famous people.

Kos is a huge island parts of which are really badly built just to cater for tourists with no real character.... a lot of budget and package has a few nice beaches, but in general nothing special.

I mean comparing Mykonos to Kos is like comparing London to Bucharest.......