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Hellooo! i am wondering if anyone has any advice for me as i am beginning to become increasingly worried about having somewhere to stay at christmas!
Me and two of my friends are travelling to australia in August and intend on staying in sydney untill after new year. However i have been reading alot of peoples comments about hostels all been booked up for the christmas period and that means forking out for a fairly expensive hotel, is the only option. Is this true???? and is there any other options because we will need all the money we can get and can't really afford fancy hotels! Has anyone got any ideas or advice for us?????? please let me know and we would be very grateful! x x x x

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It is VERY likely that you will have problems booking accomodation in Sydney for Christmas - if you search you might find something but l would seriously get on the ball now.

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You should still be able to find a bed or two free in some dorm rooms in the cheaper hostels (or those that are a bit further out from the city center) if you try to book right now and look really hard. Might have to split up with your friends for that time period (one staying in one hostel, one in another), but should be possible still, I think.

However, if money is an issue, why are you planning on staying 4+ months in the most expensive city in all of Australia? It's a really nice place and all; but not worth that much of your time. So I'd guess you plan to work and "save up" money during that time; but caution: most people find that saving up is pretty hard to do there (though there are some exceptions of course; living frugally is just that much harder in Sydney). If at all possible, live frugally now and save up as much as you can (I know you have only two months left; but even so: just stop spending), so that when in Australia you can treat working as a way to stretch your money for your vacationing, rather than as an necessity to stay alive. And if you do after all need a long stretch of work to save up while there, consider some boring smaller city most people won't have heard of, where rent is cheaper and there are virtually no activities to spend your money on.

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God bless ya.

When I was in Melbourne, it was during the Grand Prix period. I booked my hostel 2mths before I traveled there, and I paid 26 aud for a 6 bed dorm. There was a girl who came in the same time, she paid more than I did and she got a 14 bed dorm. Some fellas even paid their towels and clothes into a bag and moved the common room of the hostel Im stay in to bunk in because they did not book that particular day to stay in. I was staying in King st, and their hostel was 2 -3 blocks away?

I even heard from the girl that some guys even paid 24 bucks in Sydney to sleep in the toilet during the New Year, because they hadnt had any roof over their heads for a few days.

So I guess, try sourcing out your accomodation now, and if the need arises, man, hit the common room. Its better than having no shelter at all.