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1. Posted by jussmeac (Budding Member 2 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

I am heading over to Asia in Aug for a month. My second stop after Indonesia (Sulawesi and Bali) is Thailand. I arrive in to Bangkok on 8/28 and would like to make the Full Moon party on 8/30.

I plan to stay in a hotel near the Bangkok airport on the night of 8/28 and then take a flight down to Koh Samui on the morning of 8/29. And then head over to Koh Phangan for the FM party.

Some questions I have:

1) Should I book my flight to Koh Samui here in the US before I head over or will I be able to walk up and purchase a ticket for the day of 8/30 down to Koh Samui?

2) Has anyone used the Full Moon Party package tour (http://travel.kohphangan.com/fmp/package_b.html)? If so, can you please let me know your thoughts and was it worth the money?

3) Here are the hotels the pacakage above offers. Can you comment on any of the hotels: First Villa, Grand Sea Resort, Haad Son Bungalow, Salad Beach Resort.

4) Any hotel suggestions near the Bangkok airport?

5) An other comments, suggestions regarding the Full Moon party (Befor, during, or after)

Thanks In Advance!

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Hmm, the package sounds pretty expensive to me but I don't really know what prices are these days on the islands around full moon time. Also, I noticed the boat would leave at three to go back to Koh Samui which seems quite early to me.

Any reason to stay on Koh Samui? Otherwise why not head straigt to Koh Pha Ngan on the 29th and get a cheaper place there for a few nights.... from what I hear KS is quite touristy which of course may or may not be your thing....



3. Posted by robertson (Full Member 53 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Well my advice is to avoid the whole FMP tourists pissing/puking into the ocean and making general asses of themselves and go to KP the day after, when everyone leaves. I went for July of last year and I have to say I had a way better time at other parties in Thailand, even on KP the week leading up to the party.

BUT if you are still determined to go I would say that you should probably just get there (take a speedboat from Samuii) and find accomodation at a beach other than Haat Rin (where the FMP is held) when you get there. There will be tons of touts at the ferry dock so you can easily find a place, and you can take a taxi from there and back with other people headed to the party. I don't think you need to sign up for a package - there are lots of places to stay on the island and the whole place caters to the FMP tourists. I stayed at Mac Bay Resort, which was really nice - but on Ban Tai beach - which is about a 15 minute drive to Haat Rin. I think we paid 300 B per night. It would be very unlikely that you will get any decent accoms on HR the day before or of the party, plus there is a problem with break-ins on the beach since there are soooo many people and everyone basically knows that the beach bungalows are empty. But I can't imagine why you'd stay on Samuii when you could get affordable accoms on KP...

One last piece of advice: it seems straight forward, but DO NOT do drugs there. When I was there, the thai police decided to bust into the afterparty with huge guns, strip searched EVERYONE, and one aussie was caught with apparently 50 pills on him. It's easy to get caught up in it when everyone else around you is doing it, but it's honestly not worth it. There are many, many, many thai police in plain clothes who make more $ at the FMP than they do for a year's salary from bribing tourists who they catch with drugs... $5000 and a plane ticket out of the country immediately.

Other than that - have fun, and remember to bring your own TP with you!

4. Posted by jussmeac (Budding Member 2 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Thanks for the replies. I will stay away from the package deal.

Do you suggest getting my flight down to Koh Samui before I leave the states or just book in Bangkok when I arrive?

Also, should I try and book a place to stay before arriving in Koh Phangan since I will be arriving during the FMP? Or will I be able to get a place away from HR?

Also, anyone planning on going to the Aug 30 FMP and want to meetup please send me an email.