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13. Posted by Strider (Budding Member 34 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Well, I am back again to defend the country I love... wouldn't you?

Oslaue - you make some good points but some bad ones as well...

You say that the People you stayed with or friends of yousr told you not to use public transport... have they ever used it... were they by chance remotely privelaged??? I have taken public transport, and no, not just a once off, but everyday for over 3 years and yes befre I started using the train - I was also of the opinion that it was dangerous but soon learn't the basic rules of safety on the trains and buses - don't travel alone and don't travel at night - simple. In those 3 years I mingled with so many different people from all races, cultures and backgrounds - black, coloured, indian, white - I remember those times as being some of the most social and interesting times - i was never attacked or mugged, becuase I kept it simple and safe.

You say that Terror attacks are far less a threat than crime... thats utter nonsense... ask a victim of crime if they thought it was going to happen and then ask a victim/effected family about 9/11 and ask them if they thought it was going to happen - think the answer would be similar.... Terrorist activty is just as bad as crime - at least with crime, you can try to avoid it as best as you can by being aware of the dangers - where with a terroist attack - you don't have a choice...

You said you felt far more comfortable in cities like New York etc. supprisingly these are all 1st world countries... big difference btw 3rd world and 1st world... Nonetheless, you didn't have any problems in SA even though you travelled at night, why, beacasue you travelled in well lit areas with a group of people - simple and safe. These are precausions you would have to take in any area known for its crime. Secondly, you say you have never seen people with electric fences and guard dogs and security companies etc, those are people being extremely careful and they have the right to do so, but you must remember that many of the whites in SA are paranoid and negative about their country for reasons beyond just crime - politics for one! Unfortuantly, for your friends instead of becoming part of the solution - being proactive - they have made a choice to battern down the hatches and hope it passes by...

And finally, you say there is nothing to see around jo'burg... mate then you definitly were not there long enough... Ever heard of the Cradle of Mankind? Pilanesberg Game Reserve? Gold Reef City? Apartheid Museum? Did you go out and experience Soweto? Did you try and check out the Carnivora - an amazing african restuarant in Pretoria? What about going up to Messina or Mapungubwe? And beside Kruger there is also a shed load to do around the area - Blyde River Canyon (3rd deepest canyon in the world) is amazing with its wide variety of adrenaline activities - quad biking, tree canopy tours, white river rafting, bunji jumping, bridge swinging, on top of that some great fly fishing rivers and awesome hiking areas.... And this is a list of I have put togethor now - without even trying...

Oslaue - mate, what I am getting at on this is that you can't start making statements when you have gone to a country once, I am afraid that you cannot claim to know the country or the people based on one visit, and then to pass it on as fact! It is dangerous and has repercussions...

No hard feelings though, I am just a passionate South African...


Ian Pollard
Strider Expeditions

14. Posted by Backinafri (Budding Member 15 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Go Ian! Couldn't have said it better. As an ex-Jo'burger now living in the Western Cape, I've just got back from a 2-week trip to "Jozi". While I don't miss the hectic traffic, Jo'burg is just so A-L-I-V-E compared to the rest of South Africa. I was so impressed with the levels of service, friendliness of staff eg waiters & tellers & shop assistants. Jo'burg is also streets ahead of the rest of us with their racial integration ie everyone treats you as an equal - there's no sense of deference or racial divide that is sadly still apparent in some parts of our country.

Jo'burg rocks!

What you also need to consider is ... that it is really huge & sprawling. I didn't get downtown much - Gold Reef City was probably the closest. But like every huge city anywhere in the world, there are areas to go & others to avoid (how many day tours are there to Harlem for eg??). Not sure what the current population is - probably around 8 million & growing daily ...

It's definitely where you'll find the pulse of the people. Nothing better for local music, arts, stage, theatre, international cuisine, kids' entertainment, museums, and, and, and ...

So miss Jo'burg at your peril. Nowhere else will you experience the true "African-ness" of South Africa and its rich & varied peoples and culture.

Another passionate ... and proud ... South African!!


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15. Posted by kyebrown (Budding Member 62 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

16 days is not long at all, you could probably do Cape Town in 3 or 4 days, and then up the coast, I`d reccommend Oudtsoorn and Coffee Bay as my 2 favourite places when I visited in April 3 - 4 days for each.

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