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I am planning a car trip for a month and a half from Spain to Turkey, planing to visit basically East Europe and Turkey.

Our route is:

- Spain - South France (Toulouse, Carcassone, Nice, Monaco) - North Italy (Genova, Milan, Venice) - Slovenia (Bled lake and mountains) - Croatia (coast to Dubronick) - (*) - Bulgaria (Rila and mountains) or East Greece - Turkey (Istanbul, coast, Capadocia, Istanbul).

(*) from Croatia to Turkey. We have checked several possibilities:

a) Dubronick - Montenegro - (Albania) - (Kosovo) - (Macedonia) - Bulgaria. Our questions are the security on Kosovo and Macedonia to find the route.

b) no to arrive to Dubronick and go to Bulgaria via Serbia

c) Dubronick - Montenegro - Albania - Greece. Maybe too long.

- Return:

- Istanbul - Bulgaria (Black Sea coast) - Romania (Black Sea cost to Danube delta) - Hungary (Budapest and Balaton lake) - Austria (Viena, Salzburg) - Germany (München) - Switzerland (Zurich, Berna) - France

Apart from the route, we are checking the following:

- Entry permissions (with a own car, Spain/EU passport holders) to Albania, Macedonia and Turkey. It seems not to be a problem to enter to Albania (maybe paying some euros as a visa on the border, we have read several things here). No idea about Macedonia. About Turkey we know we have to pay something, but we saw nothing about the car, expect not to have any problem.

- Security: we would like to heard about experiences about this matter.

- Place to visit. any recomendation welcome.



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ıts sound good.
ı ll make interrail 22 july to 25 august.
my route is amsterdam-belgıum-paris-bordeux-san.sebastian-madrid-seville-granade-barcelona-nice-milano-venıce-rome-greece or crotia and back home izmir wher is westcoast on turkey.
maybe ı ll joın ur route after visit barcelona 16-17 august but ı must be able to izmir 26august. ı know somethn about kosova and macedonia are safety coz ı have a frind who live germany and france thay also use this way ;)

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It is good to know about security in Kosovo and Macedonia, I know nearly nothing about these countries.

And talking about Izmir and Turkey, tell that I have been in Turkey three times, know something about west and south coast, like Efes, Kas... but this time want to visit it better with a car. Do you have any recomendation?



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ı advice, you can visit canakkale (gallipoli) firstly coz ıts close whıch gate u ll use. troy is in also. after that u ll go ayvalık,cunda island, çeşme, kusadası, bodrum, marmaris. ıts west sıde route on the other hand u prefer blacksea side ıts softer weather than west side and much park and forest and beauty. u can use this web side offical websie ministry culture and tourism.
ofc we ll meet san sebastian and talking about turkey ıf u wont go before my arrive time.
take care

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Yes, it is my idea, the west coast. I take note of the places you recommended, also the website, thank you. Abou the Black Sea area (north), I have not been there, but with the exception of you, I have not been told very well about that.

I think we cannot meet in San Sebastian... I will be about from mid-July (about 13th) to end-August (about 30-31 or even beginning-Sept). Maybe in the way.