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1. Posted by M.A. (Budding Member 27 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

I'm a Kiwi heading over to do my working holiday in Edinburgh. I'm trying to be organised and am looking for flats on the internet a few weeks before I'm due to arrive, but I don't which suburbs are the best to live in. I just want somewhere central with a cool vibe. Any suggestions?

What's a good price to pay?


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2. Posted by coldwarspy (Travel Guru 1108 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

I live in Polwarth, its a nice area mostly students but not many pubs.
Morningside is a also nice and residential.

If you want a place near the action u might try the canongate or grassmarket but be prepared for no sleep until 3am.

Stockbridge is nice but maybe a bit pricey.

Stay clear of Leith. I dont like it much, a bit dodgy, altho some good bars around. I lived in Dalry for a short time and didnt like it at all, dirty, ned-ful, and only working men pubs.

Newington is another good area and close to bars. And Marchmount seems like a nice area too, alot of students.

But keep in mind, the city is tiny, so really everywhere is in the center or close enough (15min walk)

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Ok for me (and this is subjective) Gorgie/Dalry up to the city centre has a great vibe full of students and is a good place to stay mainly with victorian tenement buildings. Marchmont is also good and has a selection of good and more modern flats. Meadowbank is reasonable. As a rule it's best not to stay in Wester Hailes, Sighthill, Broomhouse, Granton or Muirhouse and personally, I don't like Leith but some people might tell you different.

That's a far from extensive list and some of these areas I've only been to a few times as I live in Glasgow, but hopefully that's a start until some East coast type comes along. I'd say if you're looking for a one bedroom flat then expect to pay about £400 a month and a good site for flat listings if you didn't find it already is citylets -


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I totally agree. I live in Tollcross which is near Gorgie/Dalry/Morningside and Marchmont - actually it's really central - and I love it. It's within walking distance of practically anywhere you need to go, has three cinemas in and around the area, has The Auld Toll pub, loads of wee food places, is right on the meadows and has tons of character. You might be best looking for a flatshare as rent is quite expensive all over Edinburgh. You could probably find one for about £250 per month but remember you'll have to pay council tax on top of your rent if you're living with professionals (sometimes this is included in the monthly rent figure though). And you are best to stay away from the areas on the outskirts - just look for flats which are central and you can't go wrong.

Happy hunting!


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Thanks heaps! I'm so excited!

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Previous posters are right in saying Morningside and Marchmont are both good options, and I would seriously consider Meadowbank. These are all convienent to the city centre (I lived in Meadowbank for six months during my working holiday) and found it to be a great place. I believe my flat cost us 950 pounds a month (a three bedroom, fully furnished, with traditional garden) and it was close enough to conviences and with just enough privacy to keep us happy.

I would also agree to steer clear of Leith. It's worth the bus ride to go out once or twice, but I wouldn't want to live there.