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Hi guys.
im currently saving to go travelling next year. iv been looking around and i believe that i could get a round the world ticket with about 7 stops for about 1200 english pounds. (or maybe a couple of hundred more). Anyway, all i would like a know is, how much money would i need to save on top of the cost of my flight for accomodation and spends and what not?
thanks for your help.:)

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How much you'd need to save would depend on where you were going, how long you were planning on being away, how you plan on living ie on supermarket food and the cheapest dorm rooms, or single rooms in mid range accommodation, do you plan to drink a lot of alcohol regularly etc.

You will have to be a little more specific as to your destinations for anyone to give you accurate information.

You do realise don't you that the prices you get quoted for a RTW ticket until such time as you agree to buy, does not include tax so you need to add quite a bit more on to the price you are told.

As a rough guide (only a rough guide), if you stay in the cheapest dorm rooms, eat supermarket food and drink water with only the occasional alcoholic beverage rather than getting drunk all the time, you could get by on:

$50US in USA
$50US in Australia
$20US in South East Asia
(other countries in Asia vary greatly from $20US-$60US+ per day)
50 Euro in most Europe excluding Scandinavia
$30US in South America

Those estimated prices are for living it cheap with entry in to most the tourist attractions (ones that don't cost a small fortune to enter), but not much in the way of luxuries or tours inb anywhere outside of South East Asia. If you planned on doing much overland travel, then depending on where it was getting done, that could add to that budget. Not sure what that equates to in GBP, but you would probably be able to work it out.

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thanks a lot for your reply.

i think for now we just have to start saving like crazy and then see how much we have when its time to book. even if we save more, we could just go for 6 months then wed have more money to spend. Or if wen it comes to next summer, if we dont have enough money, we could just keeo saving until christmas and go around october or somethin.