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I have a small dilemma... the travel bug, as we all know, is really not letting me get on with my life now... I have to go backpacking before I settle down and find work in my field. The problem is, I'm a tad low on funds at the moment, so I'm working on saving up. It'll probably take me about 3 months to save a decent amount. So, come November, I want to set out on my journey. I was thinking Central America, but I am told that it is the rainiest season. So the question looms... where can I go that won't pose a threat to my single self, and won't burn a whole in my wallet either? I've considered Australia but just getting there would probably burn away the amount I've saved up... what a bind! Where would you guys go if you were faced with this decision?

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Just an idea - what about Eastern Europe (and maybe even going as far as Armenia...?)

You can get really cheap flights if you book far ahead between canada and England (or Paris), using the new-ish budget airline zoom www.flyzoom.com, particularly if your prepared to alter your flight dates for cheapest possible.

Then you can get cheap Ryanair/easyjet flights from London to somewhere in Eastern Europe. Once your there, it's dirt cheap to live & travel.

In addition, since may 1 when the EU expanded, Visa's were dropped for Canadians in the countries which previously needed them (i.e. Czech Republic etc), so you save money on that as well.

And if your in E Europe, you may as well take a round trip via Moscow and Russia to Yerevan etc and back via Turkey (or vv)....

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Nice idea! I did consider Eastern Europe (and Armenia as well)... just didn't figure that it would cost me little to get there. Most of my friends who go to Armenia spend 1500$ upwards on airfare so that wasn't too encouraging but I will look into specials. I also really wanted to visit Czech Republic but if I'm going to stay there a month, I would prefer to be a bit more familiar with the native language than I am with Czech. Armenia would be ideal for that case, but any latin country is easy to get by when you know English and French. Italian and Spanish tend to be variations of English and French, and I've taken German lessons (not that my German is extensive mind you) so those crossed my mind... we'll see what I can work out.

I've been looking at many different things that I can do while travelling. I thought about taking language lessons (I love learning new languages), or even working abroad. The organized tours don't float my boat really cause I would prefer to go with the flow, rather than a strict schedule. Agh... I'm just venting my jumbled thoughts so don't mind me!