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1. Posted by Noname2018 (Full Member 126 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Has anyone suffered abuse at the hands of edinburgh bus drivers? so many of them aim for people on the road or the kerb of the road or drive away just as the poor soul gets to the doors and on many many an occasion i've witnessed tourists being given a mouthful of abuse when they get on or off at the wrong doors or don't have change or god forbid ask if they're on the right bus. and don't get me started on the poor grannies who get thrown around and break hips and all sorts when they drive like they're in the indy 500. in another thread people are talking about disrespecting local cultures and customs but this seems to be the opposite - as in the bus drivers have no respest or patience for tourists. it really embarrasses me when i see them getting abuse. i'm also embarrassed about the weather for some reason - i feel sorry for tourists who come here and get shite weather although it's funny seeing them in their big rain condoms.

i was crossing the road on princes street the other day and went between two buses who has stopped at a bus stop so i could reach the pavement and the driver in the bus behind moved forward so i was actually stuck in between them and had to wait for the bus infront to move! he wanted to squash me! he showed no sign of emotion - not even a smirk. i was looking into the eyes of a cold bloodied killer ie - edinburgh bus drivers.

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I think most people who work in jobs, providing services directly to customers get burn out, after a few years, and start being impatient and intolerant of their customers. They get allergic to them. I dont think many people are suited to work directly with customers long term.

Nobody goes to Edinborough, expecting blazing sunshine, so dont be embarassed about the weather. If I was going to Edinbourough, I wouldnt give a toss, about how much rain there is, as long as there are cosy pubs and cafes.


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3. Posted by Noname2018 (Full Member 126 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Pubs are definitely the pull for edinbourough! it was sunny earlier but those ever present clouds are back now. everyone i know is getting really depressed! i work from home though so it kind of depresses me when it's sunnny and i'm stuck inside - there's a pub opposite my window and it's sign for the beer garden always entices me over when the sun peeps out :)

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Some chocolate is what u need.

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Yip l have fallen foul of Edinburgh bus drivers in my time!

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I've always thought it would be quite funny to be a bus driver and pull up to a busy bus stop in the pouring rain, give the passengers the finger and drive off again.

I know what you mean though Emma, I've never seen the treatment that drivers here give to tourists given to tourist in, say, Europe, where people are infinitely more helpful (except the Night Manager at a hotel I stayed at in Brussels, who was a t**t).

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Ive meet some cool bus drivers,they look like nobheads with there stubbies and high socks though,wouldnt want to go out on the town with one after knock off.