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31. Posted by Mel. (Travel Guru 4567 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Quoting Ladymacwil

BTW, in the US a tatoo on a ladies lower back is referred to as a "Tramp Stamp". (No offense Nicip), But jst wondering, is that term used outside of the US?

People often admire how stylish and tasteful my tramp stamp is.
I supose this is because of how much thought I put into where on my body to have it, and made sure I choose a tattooist with a very good reputation.
I would recommend that all people wanting to get a tattoo do the same. Most tattoos in my opinion do not in fact enhance anything at all. I saw a girl, yesterday, with a large tattoo, which took up most of the outside of her upper arm. It was very badly done. Despite its size, it was not clear enough, and the heavy black was very harsh.
Anyone getting a tattoo should ask the tattoo person to draw it on a piece of transparent paper. Show it to friends, and put it on the body part u intend it to go, for them to examine. Get several opinions.

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I have a small leaping gazelle on my back, on the left shoulder blade. I got it done in 1984 in San Francisco, when AIDS had just started to hit the headlines in the U.S. It was an era of anxiety and prejudice, and of course that particular city had a thriving gay population (and I was there for the Pride Parade - amazing). I stayed briefly with a lovely guy who was sick, and who died soon afterwards. Because of the fear and ignorance about AIDS, I was told I was crazy to get a tattoo in SF, but that if I had to, I should at least go to a parlour 'south of the market', an area apparently less likely to have gay clientelle. This is all nonsense of course, as the needle is always brand new, taken from a sealed pack. It was painful - I still remember the pain - but maybe that was because I wanted green on blue, to make my favourite aquamarine, and the guy had to go over the same tender skin twice... I love it though, all the more because I can't see it, and so I never get sick of it - in fact I forget it's there. When I do look at it though (in a mirror, twisting my head) it brings that whole trip and time back to me. But it was SO unusual for a woman to have a tattoo back then. I feel a little bit miffed from time to time now, seeing so many of them about. Mine was from a hotel logo we passed up near Yosemite - I saw the sign for the 'Springmount Hotel' and loved it so much I went in and asked for a brochure, which I then gave to the tattoo artist. He was brilliant. He said women tolerate the pain easier than men. He said he'd had big strong weightlifter guys beg him to stop halfway through, and run out, never to be seen again. There's a whole cult out there - his asian assistant had shaved her head, and her entire skull was covered with beautiful pictures. Now there's painful.....

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Helen, your story is wonderful! And, it reminded me of the artist who did my little rose. He was originally from New York and had a thick "New Yorker" accent. He was only 23 (oh, I can say "only" now considering I was "only" 26 at the time. ) He was having this beautiful Oriental dragon done on his back by his co-workers. He would sit for 6-8 hours at a time and they were doing the work the "old way" - with bamboo "needles". They disposed of the bamboo after each use and would start with new "needles" every other day. At the time I saw him, he was already the illustrated man. His head and face were (supposedly) the only places he didn't have artwork. I only saw his upper torso and legs as he was shirtless and wearing shorts. I couldn't imagine sitting still for that many hours while being poked with bamboo... But, he had lovely tattoos.

I have to say, one of my favorite movies is Tattoo with Bruce Dern. Granted, not keen on the kidnapping part, but the tattoos were great (even if they were painted on for the movie).

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Im really not sure why but I have four star tattoos and I love them all. Im not into astrology or particulary love anything to do with the stars but I just love MY stars!!!

My first was done in Dublin (where im from) and its a shooting star on my left big toe
Next one also in Dublin and its a small star just under my ankle bone on my right foot
My third was done in Edinburgh when I was there with my best friend and it is again a small star on the outside of my wrist with one of my moles in the middle
And the last is larger nautical star on my back, just above my bra strap which is my fav cos it hurt a little more so I appreicate it a little more!!!

Heading away to Vietnam now for a while to volunteer so maybe i'll think about more as I wouldn't say im finished getting tattoos but i've run out of (in my mind) original places!!

P.S. this thread is v.interesting!

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eyes of the horus or looks like it ..

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Hey! I've had several tattoes and for those of you who say it's not painful or that you enjoy the sensation, I think you're a little weird. Tattoes are very artful. I have a butterfly on my left breast and moon and stars on my left big toe( that did hurt) so I guess you can call me twinkle toe- HA!