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My husband (from ZA) and I lived in NZ for a few years and are now in Austria (my homecountry).

Actually I wanted to go for a short holiday this summer (as we miss the beach so much), but now I got the idea to rather save the money and go to Aus next July/August for a month (Charles won't be able to get more holiday I think :()

At this stage a RTW trip seems so far away and actually impossible. That's why I wanna at least go on a trip for a month or so. I'm also aware that a flight ticket to AUS costs more than a RTW ticket (I check ages ago)

Any ideas and suggestions are highly appreciated... don't know what's the best to do...

pls also give me some advice on where to go, what to do and see and especially how to travel in AUS.

Thanks a lot!!!!

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I have been to Australia earlier this year for about a month and although of course you are only able to see a part of the country, it surely is possible and it doesn't have to be rushed at all.
All depends what you want of course, I choose to go from Melbourne to Darwin and have a few days near Cairns as well, visiting the Great Barrier Reef. Renting a car would be the best way of getting around, especially when you only have about a month.
I like the outback really much, that was my main purpose for travelling to Oz, although the tropical Queensland part was nice as well.

Don't know if a RTW ticket is cheaper though, I had a ticket for 1050 euro including all taxes, with Cathay Pacific. But still, from Vienna I don't what the best options are....Austrian or Lauda Air maybe?
Most RTW tickets are closer to 1500 euros or more, although I just posted a thread where it is possible to pay only 750 euros when using lowcostairlines.


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Whether or not 1 month in Australia is enough depends on how well you are wanting to see it. Just to do the East Coast of mainland Australia justice it requires more than a month, but if seeing beaches is all you are after a month would be enough.

If a ticket to Australia costs more than a RTW ticket from where you are, you should look at getting a flight to London, because you can do it a lot cheaper from there and infact by next July you should be able to get to Sydney from London for approx 600Euro return if you are willing to go a minor scenic route (not much different to what currently happens for most flights from London - Sydney). When these new flights happen you'd get an Oasis Airlines flight from London-Hongkong then a 30 minute ferry to Macau before getting another flight on a different budget airline from Macau-Sydney. So it would require 2 flights and a ferry ride and would be dirt cheap if you managed to get the cheapest deals on both flights (probably wishful thinking).

If you only have one month in Australia and you are coming because you miss the beaches so much, then the Whitsundays and Queensland in general has got to be on your listing, although the Whitsundays are not a cheap destination so if you are going to be tight for funds you may have to do daytrips to the islands and stay at Airlie Beach in some budget place. Also some on the New South Wales coast are nice as well.

How you would travel whilst in Australia would depend on where you plan on seeing and if you are wishing to see things in detail. Like to see things in detail you really have to have a rental car as buses don't usually go off the beaten track type thing. If you are planning on spending a lot of time in a place and move on to another place where you spend quite a bit more time, then buses if they exist between the two places would be best and then on arrival at the place hire a car for a couple of days to have a good look around the area. If you plan on seeing the whole East Coast, it may be that you need to get a flight or two with Jetstar or Virgin Blue to cut out a lot of overland travel that is time consuming.

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thanks for ur posts so far.

We don't wanna go to Aus just for the beaches. Since I've only been to Sydney/Wollongong/Blue Mt. for a week in 2004 and we both have been wanting to see Australia for a long time, it would b really nice to go there. We've also got some friends in brisbane, where we could stay for an few days.

there's also really cheap flights from my hometown to London with Ryan Air. Could be worth a try...

while travelling and living in NZ I met a lot of people who had been to Aus already. A lot of them said, that the West coast is much nicer bec it is not as touristy. We wanna see the east coast, but are also very keen on places, which are on the quiet side and not overcrowded.

how much moeny would u recommend to save up for 1month for 1 person? (we prefer hostels and cook our own meals, as it usually works out cheaper)

thanks again for ur help!

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How much would greatly depend on if you did decide on the West coas or decided on the East Coast. To give you some sort of idea, a 7 day tour in the Kimberley/Pilbara regions in North Western Australia which I've seen in many travel brochures costs over 2000Euro per person twin share. Also the West Coast apart from Perth, Fremantle and Broome either have none or very little amount of hostels so you'd be paying for hotels/motels in most places on the West Coast.

Western Australia is the nicest part of Australia if you have a car to get out and explore. Perth is very nice and Broome is definitely one of the nicest places in Australia. It also has arguably the best beach in the world (or at least in the top few)/Cable Beach. It also has Eighty Mile Beach which as the name suggests is roughly 80 miles long. A fair bit further south from Broome is Monkey Mia where you can hand feed and swim with dolphins but I only know of one place that is of a budget accommodation and that would most likely book out early so you'd want to pre-book the accommodation there.

The Gibb River Road (when it is able to be crossed from May to October) is an amazing experience but unless you own a 4WD in Australia, well it wouldn't be adviseable to go without taking a tour which is extremely expensive. This is a major adventure with the most unforgiving road conditions and amazing scenery that is unmatched anywhere on earth. To drive this road, some areas you are required to cross rivers in the car and some of those rivers are home to crocodiles, so you wouldn't want to break down in the middle of the river!

For Western Australia to have a really wicked adventure it'd be $100US+ a day per person, to have a good time and see a lot you could possibly get by on $60-$70US a day per person or less if you limited yourself to the more touristy areas like Perth. One bad thing about that region is the lack of budget flights to and from anywhere in Western Australia except Perth which is 2000km+ from where the nice coastal areas are. Virgin Blue operates the cheapest flights between the East Coast and Broome but the price of those flights is quite a lot. Jetstar doesn't have any going to Broome so the only Western Australian airport for there is Perth but that's 2000km drive away. Any tours you do will set you back a fortune (some extended tours of a week, cost more than a 10 day cruise to Antarctica)!

If you are intent on seeing the West Coast, perhaps something you could consider doing is instead of flying in to Sydney, get a return flight from London-Singapore. Then get a oneway Tiger airways flight from Singapore-Perth and then for your return leg get a Tiger airways flight from Darwin-Singapore where you'd then have to get your flight from Singapore-London. This would mean you could travel through Western Australia across to the Northern Territory without the need to backtrack thousands of kilometres overland or getting expensive flights back across Australia.

The Tiger Airways flights can be very cheap if you book well in advance, I have no idea about the cost for a London-Singapore return flight.

For the majority of Australia $50US per person per day would get you quite a bit living on a budget as long as you didn't do tours, but you'll definitely need a lot more than that to have a true adventure in Western Australia. Hiring a car or campervan and dropping off a long way from where you pick it up ie picking up in Perth and dropping off in Broome would normally have a large relocation fee added on to the price.

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Well, cost wise, I don't know what type of accommodation you will want to be staying in (I will be in hostels) but I can get by easily on £1000 a month.


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If I were you I would decide what area you want to go to most, and stick to the area. If you are wanting beaches, the gold coast is close to Brisbane, but obviously "touristy," personally I think the south end is nicer and more laid back. ( Coolangatta, Burleigh heads ect. North of Brisbane, is also more laid back, and mostly should be cheaper except Nossa. The coast between Noosa and the Witsundays is all fairly low key. If you are willing to hunt for cheap camp grounds, especially the ones in National parks ect it could be quite cheap.

If you plan on seeing a variety of places, fly don't drive,( maybe hire car short term as needed..?) you won't have time I think to drive far enough to see all manner of things, unless you are on "mission mode." For reference, Sydney to Brisbane is about 1000km, minimum of 11 hours drive.( under 2 hours by plane) Brisbane to Cairns is about 1500km, at least 18 hours hard drive.( about 3 hours by plane ) ...You get the idea....

Well good luck with it


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Hi kathi,

One month is a nice length of time if you have a plan. If you want to see your friend in Brisbane then maybe just doing a bit of the east would be best for you since you're on a budget. You could fly into Sydney, rent a car and drive up the coast, maybe ending in Cairns with a Barrier Reef trip and flying out from there. The only thing is they would be long drives with only short stops. I did the east coast in a short space of time because I spent ages driving up from Adelaide and trying to take the most scenic routes!

We found we didn't have enough time to drive up the coast and still see everywhere for as long as we wanted, and so instead took a couple of short hopper flights. These were around $100AUS each. It wasn't what we'd planned but from that we got to spend a week in Sydney, 5 days in Brissie (where I also visited a friend!), 3 days in the Whitsundays and a week in Cairns. The down side was that we missed seeing some of the really scenic places along the route, but the up side was that we got to see the cities and do the different trips (bridge climb, barrier reef, Uncle Brian's Tour!!, koala sanctuary, Whitsunday tour etc)

So to summarise my advice would be to decide where you want to see most (try and pick places quite near to each other!) and plan it as best you can. I love to travel with no plan and see what happens, but I always think if time is short planning well is the best way to go.

I hope this helps in some way,