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1. Posted by philo (Full Member 107 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!


I'm a British National with a British/EU passport, and am about to book a flight to Croatia- but I only have three months left on my passport....

There's two things I keep hearing that contradict one another

1. You can travel around the EU on an EU passport that has expired by up to 12 months
2. You NEED at least 6 months remaining on your passport.

Please could someone clear up which is true??

Thank you!

2. Posted by amorphis (Budding Member 47 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Customs of countries in Eastern Europe usually require at least a valid passport, without expiration. In some EE countries it is even required that passports are valid 3 up to 6 months after entering the country. So, to be on the safe side, I would choose option 2. You must renew your passport anyway, in the near future, with three months left.
Enjoy your stay in Croatia.

3. Posted by Gelli (Travel Guru 2457 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

In your case, 1 is irrelevant. Croatia aren't in teh EU, which makes it a moot point. Croatia will definitely require a valid passport and will stamp it.

Btw, i must admit that i've never heard of #1 before, despite having spent the last 15years or so more or less constantly crossing European borders. Not to say it's not true (and i've not checked), but i've never even heard a rumour before. It would kind of make sense, i suppose (especially if you had a second ID, like a driving licence), but not sure.

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5. Posted by mike65 (Full Member 27 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Basically, I have no knowledge that if you enter Croatia with your passport as it is now -
that you'll have a problem.
But also as amorphis I do recommend you to renew it.
Is it a big procedure in GB. Think it's not.
You'll feel much safer.
Info: us, Croatians, have to have a valid passport for at least next six months to travel
abroad. That is a rule made by the Government, so just check on the British Foreign Affairs
website to check it, so you'll know what your country is expecting from you.
BTW, I had bad experience travelling to Guatemala through Mexico, without a visa.
Guatemala does not request visas for Croats, but Mexico does, and like USA that country has
no international sections of the airport. So, for a couple of hours between flights we were in
custody, or jail, great experience. Nice female guards they had, and no Bubba.
But that is another story from backpack.
I am happy to inform you that we have special agreement in Croatia with the polices of
the nations that have the most turists in Croatia: France, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and
Great Britain, so we have their police officers, in their uniforms, visiting the places that are
flooded with the people from their precise country. So, for your own safety you can talk to the officer
from your country. That is a good idea, hope it will grow on, and it is a great experience to have
such a good relations to EU.
We are not EU, but we are doing a hard job to became a part of it.
Do not be affraid of Croatia, I wish you enjoy your stay here, have fun, make your plans,
and have a lifetime memory of it.
Welcome to Croatia, my friend.