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Sorry ladies. This topic just reminds me of a trip I took with a girlfriend a long time ago.

She was a hair-dryer maniac, and one particular conversation went as follows:

Me: "Okay, let's go and see the sites of Venice"

Her: "I just have to do my hair first"

Me: "Huh, you did your hair this morning"

Her: "But that was this morning"

Me: "Does it matter?"

Her: "You'd let me go out looking like this?"

Me: "I can't see what's wrong with the way you look."

Her: "I can't believe you"

Me: "Well I can't believe you'd put your hair as a priority over seeing the site of Venice. I mean, we just got here and I'm busting to go out"

BBBRRRRRRRR - hurricane noise of hairdryer

Her: "You're always impatient"


Me: "When it comes to a 30 minute hair dryer session twice a day, yeah, I am impatient"


Her: "Well, that's your problem"


Me: "Not for long if I can help it" (our relationship was deteriorating quite quickly at this point)

Later than night, we broke up. I jumped ship into a passing gondola and met this amazing Brazilian girl. Spent a fantastic time with her that resulted in a trip to Rio.

I know this sounds really slack on my part, but this girl was a nut. She got bitten by a dog in Greece and, along with a whole host of things, this was apparently my fault.

I'm not a fan of hairdryers after that (unless they can be switched on and thrown into a bath)

Jeez 30 mins twice a day - l would have killed her too - l take MAX 20 mins in morn to get read for work including showering, make up & hair - then feed cat grab breakfast and off to work - get up at 7.15 leave house before 8am! OK so now l sympathise with you!!!!!!!!!

ditto. especially if you just arrived somewhere new! i'd take venice over hair...though if it's really gross (from hours of travelling or whatnot), i may wash it - but that takes like 5 minutes tops. anyway, creepy.

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Uh, I took a travel hair dryer with me and I lost it in my first hotel in Bangkok. And I didn't miss it at all..

I'm blonde with super fine hair and trust me I wouldn't go to work without using one but in the end it's just pointless..

I met up with some friends later on which were all carrying dryers and straightners and I actually felt sorry for them for carrying all that useless stuff around..

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