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I am a female planning to travel in Sth Africa for a month on my own. I will fly into Cape Town in November and will leave a month later from Johannesburg. Are there any busses going from Cape Town to Johannesburg? What sites are worth seeing and will I need to book accomodation with it being peak season. I appreciate any info.


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There are long distance buses that go to and from CT and Jo'burg. The journey could take about 16 hrs or more, not sure exactly as I've not taken it myself. Also cant help with the accomodation as I never had to worry about that.

In CT, I guess the main thing to visit is Table Mountain. From there you can take a drive around Camps Bay (high cliffs and winding road) and pick a good spot to watch the sunset. Down by the Camps Bay residential area, there's also a popular beach ... not sure what its called though.
In town, the main place would be the Waterfront, where yachts dock and where the expensive shops and restuarants are. There are also pubs and bars there, and other attractions like the aquarium and an arts and crafts market of sorts.
I think lots of tourists also visit the island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned, but I've not been so can't say if its good to visit.
If you like parks, you'll like Kirstenbosch, the botanical gardens/nature reserve that has mountains as its backdrop. It's huge and boasts an amazing variety of plants!
For walking/hiking, there's a route up Constantia Nek. The walk all the way up to the top of the mountain will take quite a few hours. It's popular with the locals on weekends, I believe. Or if you're more adventurous you can hike across any of the nature reserves outside CT. But I think you'll need a permit for that. Some of the reserves have places where you can stay, like small huts or chalets, but you may have to book well in advance for the peak periods.
Out of CT, a place that you should visit is the Cape Peninsula National Park, where the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point (southernmost point of the continent) are. There're also a couple of sites there for whale watching, hiking trails, tidal pools, fishing etc. It's a few hours drive from CT so be sure to set off early!
Actually, there're heaps of things to see and do in and around CT, really depends on what you like. But I'm not sure how easy it is to get around if you don't drive.

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It's a good idea to be coming in tot CT first as accommodation will be readily available and 'relatively' cheap in Nov. Once the main throng of Dec. tourists arrive, prices soar. There is tons of reasonable accommodation everywhere, you will have no problem finding inexpensive clean places to stay.

Long distance public transport her is very good with several bus lines (Greyhound, Translux) but you may prefer to use Baz Bus (bazbus.com) a hop on-hop off service aimed at backpackers. It stops at or near suitable accommodation places. Flying here is cheap try kulula.com or 1time.co.za.

You will easily spend 10 days in the Cape Peninsular area and then the usual plan is to travel east along the Garden Route to Port Eliz. Most people then fly up to Durban although the Eastern Cape has a lot to offer e.g. look for hikes along the Wild Coast.

Durban is in Kwa Zulu Natal province which is a really great destination. Nice and sub-tropical with some of our very best game reserves (e.g. Umfolozi/Hluhluwe). Also lovely mountain scenery in the Drakensberg.

Mpumalanga Province in the north east would be the nicest scenically and interest-wise after the Western Cape. Kruger Park is here, as well as stunning scenery. If you do Kruger, you will need to be on a tour, or hire a car. The tours would usually include the main sights of Mpumalanga.

If you have to spend time in Jo Burg, there are things to do but I would suggest you do not schedule time here.

Lastly, as a woman, be careful here. I would suggest you team up with others as much as possible and be wary where you go alone. What there is to see here far outweighs the risks.

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Hi . In case you haven't found decent, cheap accomodation yet, in one of the best, safe and quiet area's close to the sea, here is a place where we stayed last year, it was the best place we stayed at in the country,price/quality wise..you have a room for the price of a hostelbed !! and the area is very chic!

here is their webpage.

good luck :)
greetz ed

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I have been in SA twize, working in CT the first time and travelling the same route you are the second. It is an amazing place, and i am sure you will have a good time.

CT is a very european style town. If you want the african travel experience, i wouldnt have spent more than a few days there. The backpacker street is Long street, in the middle of city center. Table mountain is amazing, wine tasting in the surrounding areas is cheap. Check out green point and sea point for nice cafees and bars. Robben island (the former prison) is well worth a visit, discussing apartheid with south africans is interesting, but they are easily insulted.

If you go on the baz bus (recommended, you can buy ticket at the tourist office in CT, easy to get around and cheaper than local buses) there is a place called cintsa, beautiful... closest you´ll get to The beach... And going on a tour in Kruger Nature Reserve is highly reccommended. Contact kruger backpacker for budget tours.

Security; do not freak out! yes, there is a lot of crime, but with a few precautions you will be fine. Don´t wear juvelry, no flashy sunglasses, don´t pull up more than 50 rands in cash on the street, take a normal taxi after dark (in the daytime the minibus taxis are ok) and look after your drink. Joburg is different, there is no need to go there before your last few days. If you do, don´t do downtown.

Talk to the locals, enjoy!


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Or or you can fly (2 hours from CPT to JNB) - think the web addies are www.kulula.com, www.flysaa.com, www.britishairways.com/za or www.nationwideairlines.co.za