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My husband and I will be exploring the Cinque Terre region for 3 days in mid October. From there we are planning to head to Nice, France. Can anyone suggest the best way to travel between the two places and what is a good town to stay while we are near this area. Thanks!

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The Cinque Terre was one of my favorite places on the European jaunt I took 2 years ago. Train service is so extensive & efficient in Europe that I think this would be the best way to get from the Cinque Terre to Nice. There should be a route that runs along the northwest coast of Italy, through Monaco and the south of France. Check out either of these sites for train schedules & ticket costs:

If you are going to be traveling to any other destinations it would be worth checking if a train pass would be cheaper than point-to-point tickets. I believe there is specifically a France-Italy train pass that allows you 4-10 days of train travel in two months. Check out all the different passes & prices at

All of the five villages are indescribably beautiful & colourful, and the one I stayed in was Riomaggiore - the easternmost of the five. From here it is an easy walk down The Lovers' Pathway, "La Via dell'Amore" to the next village (Manarola). All the towns are within walking or hiking distance of each other (It is a 5-ish hour hike from the first to fifth village) and there is also a train between them all. In Riomaggiore we found an apartment with a kitchen, bedroom, and gigantic balcony overlooking the town for 70 Euros a night.

I can’t gush enough about the Cinque Terre, and if you (or anyone else for that matter) are looking for more information here is an excellent place to start:

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Cinque Terre- Nice are linked either with railways and with highways. If you don't have a car (more or less 2.5 h with car) you can take a train. Cinque Terre are a regional stop, with the exception of the biggest of the 5 (don't remember which on it is) so you will need to change at least a couple of trains.

The direction to follow to reach Nice is Ventimiglia. The next main stop is Nice.
Nice is practically a few km after the italian border: imagine that there is people from France who find more convenient to shop in Italy so they cross the border and literally pack up the car with everything.

Cinque Terre> Genova> Savona> Ventimiglia> Nice

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I advice you to don't go by car in 5 terre because the places are very little and is more easy to visit it by train.
Train for a place and another one, is very easy, so you can visit all places with calm and no problems.

I advice you to do the " street of love " too, it start from Riomaggiore to manarola, it is a very nice street on the mountain on the sea, with a marvelous view too.

October is a good time for to visit it, because we don't have many tourists, so you will have all places for you ;)