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1. Posted by shacker (First Time Poster 1 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Have been travelling for 2 months and spending the last 10 days in Phuket, Thailand before returning home. Just wondering if anyone can suggest some good places to stay. Looking for something under $50/night for 2 people, close to attractions and excitement. Stay in town or close to the beach? Spend a couple nights on Ko Phi Phi? Open to all suggestions!
Thanks, Erin

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It has been too many years since I was in Phuket to recommend a hotel, but I would stay out on the beaches, not town. You have enough time to visit Koh Phi Phi and Krabi as well. Ferry over to Phi Phi for a few days and then I would take the ferry to Krabi. Many beaches and islands to choose from, very scenic part of Thailand. Good luck to you.

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Just get a boat to Phi Phi and stay there. Much nicer than Phuket. You sound like you have budgetted for a nice place, so you will get a great place on Phi Phi for that. You can do day trip to Phi Phi Ley while you are there. Even go to Krabi for 2 or 3 days. But when I got to Phi Phi I couldn't leave!!

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USD 50 is about THB 1,700 at the moment, you will find no problem in the low season find a reasonable nice hotel for that. Forget Phuket Town, but you were i guess not meaning that anyway.
Patong beach is by far the busiests with nightlife, bars, restaurants. There are plenty of reasonable 3 star places well within your budget. If you go to quieter beach areas like Kata or Karon juist the same applies, THB 1,700 with breakfast, tax and service will do you just fine, if you want Patong try Coocnut Village, Duangjitt, Patong bayshore on Rat U Thit Road is not too far to the beach and also the nightlife, easily within your budget. Cheap but nice at Karon is Front Village, there are plenty. Choose your beach first. if you are going to Phi Phi don't book until the day before so you can check if the weather will be ok;) or not.

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There is a nice place called the golden sand inn in Karon. Place has a good pool, a buffet breakfast is included & it's right opposite the beach. Karon is a bit tacky, but this place is in a decent location, hidden away from all the bars & restaurants, but near enough to walk. I've stayed there twice & always enjoyed my time there. This hotel can arrange a boat ticket to Phi Phi for you, or you could use a local travel agency in Karon (there are heaps)

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Hello Shacker:)

I suggest u stay in Phukett town. From there it is easy to get to all the beaches, either by public transport or by taxi. U can spend a day or a few hours, at a beach, and then go to a different one the next day.

I stayed in a hotel, which cost $4 per night for a double room, so I cant help u with someplace, for 50$. Although, I will say, that with that much to spend u will have some nice options.

If u are looking for a nice restaurant in Phukett town, try Kahnasutra, at 18-20 Takua Pa. The food and surroundings are quite a treat.


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Does anyone have any other suggestions? Really struggling to find somewhere for Christmas in Phuket.

ps - Mel, I tried searching for that Kahnasutra place, but all i find is an Indian Restaurant! does it provide accommodation too?

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Having done some relief work in the area, I'm a bit biased, but I say forget Phuket and go up the road a bit (about 100k) to Khao Lak for Christmas. It may not be as busy as Phuket, but its a great town with fantastic people, restos, and lovely beaches. You can get a huge range of accomodation - I Most recently stayed in Jerung Guesthouse, but there are tons of other places. And its a lovely place to spend Christmas (I've been there the past 2 years).