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Hmm...very enlightening posts I must say. Yeah snoezepoes, I do attribute this thread to you

I guess generally, alot of travellers wouldn't hitch hike to avoid the danger altogether.

I recently had a friend from Sweden visit me a couple of months ago and I was horrified that she told be she hitched a short 5 minute ride from a total stranger in KL. I remember screaming at her for doing such a thing but bottom line was nothing happened and she was safe.

I also know another Malaysian female traveller who has been travelling the world for about 2 years now, been to countries like Afghanistan and Iran, saving her money by hitching and even staying in the homes of the local people, if an offer comes along. Generally, she has not have life threatening experiences but she got her fair share of nasty experiences.

Its sad if you think of it, because I do believe that there are lots of people out there who are genuine in giving the lone foreign traveller a hand.