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1. Posted by nevermind (Budding Member 9 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hi you all!
I'll be in Dublin 5 days from 1 (wed) to 5 (sunday) august.
I'm looking for suggestions about tipical pubs and places where to eat, the best places for the nightlife (disco pubs, live music, particular nights...), and places where to meet and chat with guys and people.

Having 5 days is it worth to take one day to travel around dublin? What is the best choice: north, south, east... ? I'll have to take the bus to move around, are there tour buses?

Finally: is it true that people eat early and pubs close at 11.30pm?

Bye folks!

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stay in the city centre - there is an endless amount of pubs, clubs and restaurants in the dublin 2 area - you will be spoilt for choice. Some lovely places on the way to Wiclow also - every tourist has got to try Johnny Foxes http://www.jfp.ie/ especially on a Sunday. We go up in a gang from time to time and it is great craic!

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Hello Nevermind:)

To hang out
To have a coffee and hang out try Bewleys cafe, on Grafton Street. Just about everybody both living in Dublin and visiting meets up with friends, or just relaxes there.
Also, try the cafe, in the Dome of the stephens Green Shopping centre. There is a beautiful view of Stephens Green, from it.

The Moore St market, on Moore St
The Liberties market and the Thomas St market. These 2 are near the Guinness Brewery, so u could go there too, while u are in that area.
At all these markets, be very careful, with your belongings. There are often pickpockets there. Also, avoid the Liberties and Thomas Street areas, after dark.

For some general Irish history, take the tour, at Kilmainham Jail.

Most of the night clubs are on Harcourt Street and Leeson Street.
Is there any particular type of music, that u like? There are also plenty of Blues clubs and a few Heavy Metal Clubs, in Dublin.

Temple Bar is a good place to hang out, for these.

There are bus tours of Dublin. U will see them stopping in various places in Dublin. U can just get on, and then get out, wherever u want. However, I think u could walk around the centre of Dublin. It is small enough.

Getting outside Dublin
Since u have no car, take the DART(a public transport train), to Dakey, Howth, Killiney or Bray. They are all beside the sea.

Places to eat
Avoid eating at hotels. The food in those is uninteresting and expensive.
Go to Indian, Italian, Chinese etc restaurants. These have much much better food.

Of course, there is much more, to do and see, in Dublin, than I have listed, but the above are a few suggestions


PS. Eefs, is there any bus, that goes to Johnny Foxes? I used to go there, when we had a car. However, when I go to Dublin these days, I dont have a car.

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Walking around Dublin is great and there are plenty of nice pubs and shops along the way. Grafton Street is always happening and there's a small pub on Chatham off of Grafton called Nearys which is worth checking out.

For a nominal fee, you can always book a pub crawl for 2 1/2 hours led by musicians who will point you in the right direction. One site that has good reviews is http://www.viator.com/tours/Dublin/Traditional-Irish-Musical-Pub-Crawl-in-Dublin/d503-2932MPC?pref=02&aid=gc1140&gclid=CPfi3LCgoI0CFQQRYwod9zKl6Q

I would also make a point to go to Trinity College which is lovely and houses the Book of Kells. If you want to be the total tourist, I think the Guinness Brewery is worth a visit where you sip Guinness at the top of the building which offers 360' views of the city. Jameson's Distillery I also thought was worth popping in on.

I agree with the poster who mentioned taking the Dart to Houth. Houth also has the Abbey Tavern, a 16th century bar and tavern, where you can see traditional music, step dancers, and have authenitc Irish food, (and it was good!)

Back to Dublin, The Fire Restaurant, near St. Stephen's Green has received nice reviews. website: http://www.mansionhouse.ie/fire/location.htm Although I do recall having dinner at another lovely restaurant that draws a lot of the theatre crowd, (If only I could remember the name...red walls, lots of character drawings....Hmmm...)
Anyway, Dublin is such a friendly city, I'm sure you'll strike up a conversation with one of the native's in no time who'll be saying; "Oh, next we're all going to so-and-so's, you should come!"

LadyMacWilly ^..^ ~

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all good recommendations but beweleys is no longer the cafe it was, its now a restaurant called Cafe Bar Deli. i think you might be able to get a coffee just inside the door but it isent the same. Cafe Bar Deli is a good restaurant though.
The Mez bar in temple bar is a good pub if you like good music, one night it could be traditional the next it could be heavy metal. it gets very hot and sweaty though. and remember in dublin you cant swing a cat without hitting a pub it all depends on what vibe you want. like Ladymacwil said Nearys is a good pub as is keoghs on the other side of grafton st.
Guinness bewery is a definatly a must see.
Moore st and Parnell st have changed alot over the past couple of years. ireland has had a huge increase in immigrants from lots of different countries recently and the result is that there are some great cheap good foreign restaurants on those streets. just be carefull when leaving late at night, its not the safest of areas, and dont wander much more north of those streets at night and sometimes during the day too ;)
get the dart to howth and walk up howth head for a great view of dublin city.

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That would be the Trocadero, Ladymacwill. (i think!) ;)