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hi me and a mate are flying 2 aus at the end of october (probably sydney), were gonna be stopping 4 a year and will need 2 find work straight away. How easy is it 2 find work over there? were planning on travelling 2 brisbaine, cairns and maybe aires rock aswell. Do u earn enough over there 2 be able 2 pay 4 hostals and living expenses? Thanks!x

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hiya, im travelling to oz with 2 friends in august. wer also going 2 need 2 work pretty much staright away, and we have heard tht it is pretty easy 2 find work. wer also a bit worried about it tho, weve signed up with a company called travellers at work. (they hav a website wer jobs are posted and they can help you find work and give you more information etc.) i would also appreciate any information or just tips and advice that any1 has on finding work in and around sydney (as thts where we're likely to be until after new year)

thanks xx

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A good idea is to sign up with an employment agency, my boyfriend and I signed up with Manpower when we got to Sydney and they had work for us the next day. It's pretty boring work, mostly data entry or call centre stuff but the pay is okay, I make $530 a week after tax which is more than enough for accommodation and food etc. Good luck x

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Yeah finding work is pretty easy. i got here on the 21st of April and was working by the 1st of may. you just need to get your CV out to as many agencies as you can. Plus depending where your staying most hostels have a jobs board up with plenty of jobs advetised. Well it looks like im going to be staying in sydney till January as i absoloutley love the place even with the weather not being too good at the minute ( sunny but still cold ).

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heya, ive been told fruit picking is a must do as you get taxed less...so im told! im clueless bout gettin a job, goin with ozintro in september who will help me out with that. but fruit picking is meant to be fun!! and i suppose easy way to get a tan! hehe