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Hello all,

Me and my girlfriend are currently doing alot of research, and planning, to help us with a RTW itinery and I'd really appreciate it if i could get some thoughts prices. I really havent got a clue how much living costs will be. We both arent too sure about the prospect of staying in hostels and would prefer cheap hotels, however i have seen hostels with private double rooms. Anyone got any thoughts on these?

anyway, heres the plan so far (with rough times in countires):

Africa (Kenya, maybe Tanzania, and Malawi) 1 month
Bahrain + Qatar 1 week (i was born in Qatar and lived in Bahrain and havent been back for 18 years, so i just want to get a little idea of whats happening now as i've heard they've both changed alot)
India 1 month
China 3 week tour
Japan 1 week (as it's expensive)
Hong Kong 1 week
Philippines 3 weeks
Thailand 1 month
Indonesia (Bali) 1 month
Australia 2/3 months (work there to get some extra cash)
New Zealand 1 month
Fiji 2 weeks
Ecuador (Galapagos Islands) 1/2 weeks
Peru 1 month

So, there it is. I really appreciate your thoughts and comments and look forward to seeing what people say.

Thanks for reading


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I haven't been to all those places, but I can help with a few...

For Japan, I was spending about $80 - $100 US a day, including hotels. Hotels were running around $40 a day, though I did get a deal in Osaka for $21 a day.

South America I think you should expect to pay around $40 a day, including hotels.

In Tanzania, I spend about $140 a day, though that was because I was doing expensive things like climbing mountains and going on safari. If you are just touring around, and not planning on doing that kind of thing, I think that you'd probably be looking at $40 a day in Tanzania with hotels.


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Well sounds like you have a great trip planned. I was in thailand a few years back but unfortunately I had to much fun so the details are a bit hazy. It's better to get advice from someone whom just came back.

Fiji- Its awesome and you will love it. I stayed at Octopus Resort on Waya island in the Yasawa group. Great place. Food was excellent and the people were great. It is an intimate place with no roads or towns, just a village and the resort. It was very reasonable when I was there but they have made some major renovations since I was there, including a pool. Worth checking out.

Peru- I was there last august and loved it. If you are planning on hiking the Inca trail book early and I would recommend SAS Peru. If you are staying in hostels, Loki was great in Cuzco. 10 minute walk to center of town and rooms were under $10 a night.. Peru can be very cheap and I think GregW idea of $40 a day is very high if you are a budget traveller. If you use that as your budget it will free up money to do tours ect... Hope this info helps. Brent

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I haven't been to all the places you have mentioned so can't comment for all, but of the ones I have been to (I'm quoting for 1 person staying in hostels) the estimates would be $15-20US a day India, $20-25US a day China (but if you are going on a tour that may be a bit more pricey), Japan $50-60US a day, Hong Kong $30US a day, Thailand $20US a day, Australia/NZ approx $50US a day (seeing you'd be working in Australia those prices may be less assuming you don't really go on spending sprees or whitsunday cruises etc which will add huge amounts to your expenses.

I have no idea at all about the other places

All of the prices I gave are for one person staying in the cheaper hostels, so for two of you it'd be close to double what I've put just for the very bottom range hotels (probably more like the double rooms in hostels) nothing specky at all. I hope you realise that the double rooms that are in hostels are usually very limited and regularly book out a fair time in advance everywhere around the world when it is shoulder or peak travel times. In Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand that will hurt the bank quite a bit staying in hotels instead of hostels. In the other Asian countries it probably wont make that much of a difference especially in India.