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Hiya, me and two friends will soon be living in australia for about 9months, and are really confused about whether or not we should get insurance, and if so, what type of insurance we should get.

do we need it for the full trip? or just our flights? or to cover our belongings? what would you recommend?

we will have a medicare card and our tax file numbers, if this makes a differnce?

Thank you x

(also, wer on a budget, so wer lookin for the cheapest option possible)

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If you have a medicare card, then I don't know what other insurance you'd need apart from something to cover your belongings.

Even then, I don't know if your home country's insurance would cover you for such a long length of time. Personally, I wouldn't worry about it.

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The old saying if you can't afford travel insurance you can't afford to travel applies even coming to Australia with a medicare card. As far as I know for a lot of things you are covered like an Australian person would be, but like everything their would be some acceptions especially to do with any of you personal belongings. Like if your passport got stolen, airline tickets that aren't E-tickets, your baggage got lost on your flight or damaged, you had to go home due to a close family member dying etc none of this would be covered if you took the gamble and travelled without travel insurance. So far on my two RTW trips well I got travel insurance and lucky for me I had it because minor disaster struck at stages on both trips. You have a good chance of nothing bad happening, but then their is that chance that if you don't get travel insurance you will regret it like I would have on both my trips.

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thanks guys. we're definatly goin to look some more into it now as to what sort of cover is available and what sort of prices we would be looking at. thanks for the help!

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