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Quoting daveh

Interesting words coming from the Iraqi PM. If Bush has any sense then he will see this as a way out.

Hopefully Iraq can look after itself, the US can withdraw their troops, and elect a new government and that will be the end of it. Likey, this is way too naive, to hope for. The new US government, however peace loving will be under pressure to please the arms and oil industries. Anyone with enough of a taste for power and driven enough to be elected into a government will not in my opinion make peace a priority, for the sake of it.

And is the Iraqi PM being too confident?

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Quoting james

The Iraqis are killing each other. It's muslim vs muslim (funny how we are told this is the religion of peace every time a terrorist is caught). Mosque's being blown to pieces, car bombs killing scores of their own countrymen on a daily basis.

Seems to me they're are doing a sterling job of turning their country into a living hell without requiring the help of the Americans and others.

You can't blame the Americans for this. Simply saying that the Americans "set it off" or something similar is not good enough. so you think it would have been some sort of Utopia without the US invasion?

I say get out now, save the US taxpayer their money, save the US (and others) soldiers their own lives, and forget about it.

There's no threat from other countries because they didn't "finish the job" simply because no country would want the job started in their own backyard in the first place, whether it was finished or not.

That every terrorist is a muslim, doesn't mean every muslim is a terrorist ...

You make it sound really simple. The main reason why Sunni's are blowing up the Shiites, is because they joined forces with the Americans. You make a fear point that Iraq was not Utopia (which country is?), but when the day would have come that Saddam would be removed from power, (probably supported in the background by the US) things would still gotten out of hand, but I don't think it would be gotten out of hand, on this scale. Why? because the structure of power, would have still excisted. So I think that the Americans are for a huge part responsible for this. (And by Americans, I mean the U.S. government, which at this moment makes you wonder if a Capitalist Democracy is just as rotten as Communist regime.)

The US has a responsibility in rebuilding Iraq, so a lot of taxpayers money will still have to go to Iraq for a long time, and hopefully not in the way of contracts.

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How about those victims and their close relatives who were injured emotionaly by them: