Has anyone shipped their pets cross country?

Travel Forums General Talk Has anyone shipped their pets cross country?

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My husband and I are driving from New York to San Francisco on October 1st.

We have 2 cats and we can't bring them along for the ride. Our car will be packed to the rim with boxes of our belongings. We're moving there permanently.

My parents agreed to watch our cats for a few weeks until we settle in. What is the best way to get our 2 cats to join us in San Francisco?

Does anyone know of a SAFE and AFFORDABLE pet shipping company?

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i know something about lufthansa.. with this company, generally you can bring a pet (less than 7kilos) with you on board... can't tell you more! i'm sorrY!!;)

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Hi Clarity,

Your Michael looks exactly like my Monk - what a great face Michael has!

Though I have not had to ship my own animals, I have had to ship other people's from Chicago to New York. I would recomment looking at the links available on Pets On The Go! website. The have several links for professional animal movers. There are (at least) 2 listed for New york and 2 for New Jersey that may be worth contacting. Most of the conpanies will give you a quote through their website of their fees and offer both air or overland options.

You can arrange for shipping on your own through most domestic airlines. They do list their requirements on their webpages but they tend to hide them so I can help find information for you so desire. Either post here or send a PM. All domestic airlines are required to follow the requirements set forth by the Animal Welfare Act (which is good) but it does make things a bit more complicated for the owners when shipping their own animals. You will need certificates of health and vaccinations for both cats. The paperwork can not be older than 90 days and most airlines require certificates issued within 30 days of shipping. Containers are to be of certain sizes with externally accessible food/water bowls so the cages do not need to be opened during flight. Airline personnel are required to give food and water (food supplied by you) every 4-6 hours.

Though the pet movers may be a bit more expensive than shipping the cats yourself, they do take care of the paperwork involved - except vet certificates which you will supply to the company. Most companies supply the carrier for the pets so you don't have to necessarily buy a new one or rent from the airline to meet airline requirements. For you to ship them yourself, you would have to do it prior to your leaving as you have to accompany the cats at the airport until they are taken for boarding. Also, animals will not be shipped by air during certain months because of the heat. An airline can deny shipping an animal on a scheduled day if the temperature surpasses their maximum level prior to departure or the heat in California is higher than maximum upon arrival.

Again, if you would like help with finding information, etc. Please contact me.

I also recommend talking with your vet and the local Humane Society as to recommendations they may have.