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I'm off to oz in Oct/Nov, can anyone advise on how much money I need to live on per month, I will be Backpacking but have to say I will be staying for the want for better words "better hostels", I do want comfort and clean as a priority. Any advise would be much appreciated & should I take my own thin (summer) sleeping bag?.

I have looked at a few sites and one recommends £200 per month too me that does not sound like alot of money to live on.


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Most hostels don´t like sleeping bags, a lot of other travellers seem to give u dirty looks too. Bed bugs love them!

Moneywise, it depends on where you are, what you want to do, whether you cook for yourself or eat out all the time.

The centre of capital cities are more expensive, $20+ per night for a dorm, dinner between $5-15, lunch $5-10. Thats just the basics without tours, buses, taxis, going out for a drink, etc.

£200 a month wont even cover your accommodation unless you REALLY budget. do a hostel search on hostelworld or hostelbookers to get an idea of room prices in various cities.

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Hi Donna.

I spent £3800 in 3 months in oz. This included 2 internal flights with Virgin blue ($300) and several tours. I stayed in dorms and, like you, did not want the rock bottom, grotty hostels so i was paying around $22 per night for a dorm bed. I cooked in hostels and ate out occasionally. I lived pretty frugally but did pretty much everything I wanted to do in terms of activities, tours etc.

i wouldn't bother with a sleeping bag - as the previous post says, you won't be allowed to use them in most places.

I had a yha card which I think was $35 and it was definitely worthwhile as you can get savings on transport as well as hostels.

let me know if you want any more info on oz.:)

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sorry to steal your thread for a moment, the sleeping bag thing? is that really a regular occurance with the hostels, first time I've heard about that. Do the hostels usually supply something or is a fleece blanket a more acceptable thing to take?


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All (? at least all YHA) hostels provide linen (usually at checkin, sometimes it's lying on the bed, very occasionally the bed is even made with it already), and none (? at least no YHA) allow sleeping bags (and fleece blankets would fall under that too), as they spread bed bugs from hostel to hostel (after which the hostel needs to smoke out the room for a day or two (hopefully in a way that people staying there won't notice), meaning they can't make money off of it).

I'd bring some thin sleeping bag liner sheet or something, just in case you stumble upon a hostel that doesn't provide linen, but otherwise a heavy sleeping bag would only be useful in Australia if you plan on going camping (and then I'd almost recommend renting on the spot just so you don't have to carry it around all the time).

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Thanks, definitely info thats good to know.