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Canadian SIM card options (in Nova Scotia)?

I am going to be traveling in Canada this summer, and need a Canadian SIM card. In the US, I have been using TMOBILE prepay, and it's quite expensive, imo. Even as a gold rewards costumer, I have to pay 10cents/minute, and 10cents/text message; and that's only in the United States.

When I arrive in Canada, I would like to remove the Tmobile SIM card, and replace it with a local, cost-effective alternative. I will only need to call within Canada. What are my SIM card options in Halifax, NS? That will be my first stop.

And it doesn't need to be prepay again. I can give them the address of my parent's house in Vancouver, and start a monthly billing payment. As long as I get better rates.

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The largest GMS carrier is Rogers, and they are cross-country. You can also check out Fido, which is owned by Rogers, but operates as a separate company.

There are some smaller operators that may have GSM service, but more than likely they use Rogers network to provide it.

The other two largest mobile operators in Canada, Bell and Telus, both use CDMA and thus would not work with your phone.

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GSM service is not available in nova scotia. you should use CDMA. the largest providers are Aliant (for atlantic canada), and there are also rogers and telus, but aliant is where you are going to get the best deals and best rates i would say. but if you have acces to a computer i would just recommend getting skype and pay the 1.7cents per minute calling anywhere in canada. if you need any other help with travelling here you can ask me, but as for cell phones.. i'm not the best source of information. sorry!

ps. i am from cape breton island, but i goto school in halifax so i am a wealth of information haha!

-brett g

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Hmmm, strange - The Rogers site shows they have GSM coverage in Nova Scotia and the Atlantic provinces: GSM Coverage Map. Obviously there are holes in the coverage, but the major cities should have service. I think all of Roger's mobile service is now GSM, so if Rogers serves the area, then it's GSM.