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Hey all,

I'm travelling through North America for 2 and a half months kicking off September 19th in Vegas for 5 days and then heading over to San Fran to travel down the west coast to abotu Phoenix. We'll be doing the West Coast from about September 19th until about the middle of October, and then the East coast from Miami upwards until about the end of the first week of November and then Canada.

Can anyone tell me what the weather is expected to be like on an average around this time of year? I know it will be Autumn (well, Fall over there) but i guess Fall/Autumn is a pretty temperamental season in terms of weather.

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In Las Vegas you will have hot and dry weather, 30-35 degrees C, nights around 20-22, probably no rain at all.
In San Fransisco, things will be much better, around 20-25 with cooler nights, around 13-14 degrees and maybe a shower or so. Los Angeles will be a little warmer, both during the day and night and chances of rain are very small.
Back in Phoenix in October, it will still be 30-35 degrees and nights above 20, maybe a shower or so.

Miami will be tropical, more humid, days around 30-31, nights around 22-23, but every now and then there will be showers and if you are unlucky you might have a hurricane as well, as the season ends only around November.
Asuming you will end somewhere in New York the first week of November. Weather can be very different then, as recorded temperatures have been 26 but also around zero at night. On average though think around 15 degrees during the day and a shower is possible.

Canada depends on where you are going, but don't count on nice weather in November/begin December.

Cheers! Michael

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Well, I've travelled a good deal of the U.S., but I only know degrees Farenhiet, not Celcius:) Generally, I would say you should pack a good variety of clothes. Both Phoenix and Miami will most probably still be shorts weather, though you could get by with pants. For heading north during October and into November I would definitely bring a medium weight jacket. Overall layers will be your friend! Best of luck with the trip.

P.S. We call it both Fall and Autumn

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For Canada in November and December... probably cold. As others said, depends where you are going, but assuming that you are coming up from the East Coast, you'll be doing Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic provinces. It can be quite variable that time of year. You might get snow, you might not. Temperatures can range from 10C to -10C. Winds can make it feel much colder, though.

The best thing to do is to dress in layers - that way if things start to get warm, you can remove a layer and still be decent.

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I am about to anger San Francisco residents by revealing their best-kept secret:
San Francisco's best weather occurs in October.
Off season, the locals get to enjoy it with almost no tourists in their midst.

Plan your visit to SF in late September or into October as much as you can, and you will be rewarded with great weather.

Also, Las Vegas and Phoenix will probably be very hot during these times.