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tricky situation-help

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1. Posted by hels82 (Full Member 96 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hi all. Im in a bit of a strange situation and even the people on the phone line at immigration dont seem able to help me-iv been passed from person to person today and Im currently waiting on a response to an email. So I thought I would see if anyone on here can offer advice!

My situation-Im on a working holiday visa-have been here since Feb. I want to extend the visa and know the only way to do this is to do regional work. Which is fine..but...I have a medical condition which will make such work particularly difficult for me. Basically I have a condition which afects my bladder-meaning I have to use the bathroom way more frequently than most people. So I cant imagine id get on too well trying to do fruit picking-Im guessing they dont provide toilets out in the fields? I spoke to someone from the harvest trail website who agreed that I would find it difficult to find fruit picking work. He suggested I look into factory work-so I made some calls and spoke to one guy in Bendigo who was really helpful but also agreed that even factory work would be unsuitable as if i needed to go to the bathroom my whole line would have to stop work. Its looking like I am unemplyable in this area-so what can I do?? I cant be the first person to want to stay out here who has a medical condition/disability?

Anyone any ideas or know of any employers who theyve experienced to be sympathetic to such issues??

I appreciate any help thats offerred.



2. Posted by lil j (Travel Guru 1303 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hey Hels,

I can see what your saying, i've done the fruit picking work and on every farm that i worked they provided a portaloo. If you worked in a factory you would find this difficult and maybe they wouldn't take you on for this reason. Factory work is supposed to be good but they have to constantly be packing and like you've been told, you can't really stop the whole process for toilet breaks.

I think you should be ok on the farms, depending on how often you need to stop. Usually on the farms you get paid for what you've done not per hour, me and another english guy kept stopping for breaks every 30mins-1hr!!!

You would have to contact the farm and find out for defo if they provide a portaloo, on one farm we had to go to the office block but had to wait to be driven there, which was only 3 times a day.

Hope this helps and really hope you can sort something out.


3. Posted by hels82 (Full Member 96 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Thanks for the reply. Iv spoken to immigration today and apparently u can do office type work-as long as its for a primary producer or mining company.

Anyone suggest any contacts???