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I hope some of you guys could share your experience with me. I want to know the best way to get round south america.
I will be flying into Lima or Santiago de Chile and out of Sao Paulo or Rio.
I am hoping to see Peru, Chile, Boliva, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil, some of these i will be flying through others i will spend about a month there. I will be in South America for 5 months and would like to do as much as possible overland as long as it is possible.
Any suggestions will be great.

Thanks Matt

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Hey matt, hows it goin? just thought I'd give you a quick reply, however, you might not get too many because your question is really general, but a few tips anyway
Overland travel in South America is really easy and cheap. For the most part it is comfortable, but you obviously get the odd bus which is a bit of a nightmare (just got off one fron Uyuni to Potosi which was a total disaster in terms of the time it took and the comfort, but I loved every minute)
I'd say if you want to see all the countries you mention its probably best to fly into Peru, as if you flew into Santiago you would have to go North and then South again to see Peru and Bolivia, unless you went from Peru to Brazil through the Amazon Basin, but if you want to fly out of Brazil its still probably better to fly into Lima.

3. Posted by Matt70_2 (Budding Member 54 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hi Robin,

Thanks for the information i have read in a guides that the buses are quite good but what the hear from someone who is doing or has done it recently.
Cheers again

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I'l chuck in my 5 cents worth..
Brazil is massive and you could use five months to check just this one country out...You might want to get maybe just one or two flights up to the North and back depending on what you want to do/see there's alot of decent beach/party destinations in the north and quality sand dunes and also of course the Amazon if you're planning on doing a trek I really reccomend the brazillian Amazon. Having said that the Busses in Brazil are cheap and good although like most countries in S.A the roads aren't brilliant.

happy planning

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I second the vote for BUSES.

Frankly, I think you're trying to see too much in 5 months. I'd restrict myself to one country every per month at a minimum. I'd do something like Peru, Bolivia, Northern Chile (Arica -> Santiago), Northern Argentina, Brazil. It's big distances with very different terrain and nature and people, and it's a shame to rush through it just to check another country off the list.

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I third the buses I got back recently from a trip where I mixed buses and flights. Started in Lima bus to cusco, fly back to cusco and flight to santiago bus to mendoza and BA (highly recommend this bus trip through the andes). Santiago to BA, With a stop over in wine country mendoza. Buses have cama seats which are similar to first class on an airplane. If you click my profile theres some bus info on my map, but i didnt end up doing all that by bus, like the poster above suggested, the continent is huge and you dont want to rush. I could have spent months in any one of the places we visited.

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5 months is a short time for oyur intinerary, Brazil is massive and its better to fly as it costs the same and will save you time if travelling long distances, other wise buses are probably the best way and cheapest, but allow for a whole day travelling some times and expect delays etc.

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