Do you have to go into the outback??

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Im goin aussie for a year, starting with the ozintro group 3rd september for a week in sydney,Im goin on my own so hoping to make friends to travel with that week. However, what im mostly thinking is that i dont want to go into the outback cus i really dont think it makes any common sense to do that, just my opinion but i just dont fancy treking or driving through the desert for miles, not really my thing and plus the film woolf creek scared the crap outta me!! so my plan is to just stick to the cities/towns beaches and see all the main sites, but im just worried that most people i meet are going to want to go off backpacking and ill be all alone!! lols! im just wondering if most people go into the outback or do most people do what im gonna do and thats basically just live the australian life for a year!! im sooooo excited! only a week on friday till i hand in my months notice!! wahoooo! hope everyone is well! message me if your in sydney the same time! wahooooo!

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I don't think you'll be out of place at all. The most popular area among backpackers is by far the populated east coast coast and many settle there for the majority of their stay because that's where most jobs are. Of course, I'd also have to add to that that it would be a shame to only stay in the cities, as Australia's landscape is really one of the highlights!

And err.. don't let wolf creek scare you; you're more likely to get run over by a car downtown sydney than brutally tortured by some weirdo in the outback

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Awww shame u dont wanna go into the was the highlight for me it was truly amazing.

But no u wont be out of place i met loads of people in oz who had no plans to go to the outback, and a lot of people tend to just to the coast and the cities.

Can i just say wolf creek scared the shit out of me to. I watched it AFTER id been to Australia. The thing about it for me was Me and my friend actually broke down in the outback int he middle of nooooooowhere. We always left enough time to leave so we got where we were going well before dark , incase if anything went wrong. So we wernt that stupid 2 drive the distances (7/8 hours a time) during the night.

But anyway what a horrible graphic film!!!!!! i dont mind a bit of gore but it was pure torture!


Hope ure enjoy ure trip