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Hey hello to you all. I'm from the Netherlands and want to do a winterseason in Whistler the upcoming winter. I know that I don't need a visa to get into the country but I do need one to be able to work. I checked it out on the website of the Canadian Government and they say that you have to find a job first and apply for a visa afterwards. I looked around on the internet and it seems like you need a working visa before company's in Whistler give you a job. There must be more people whom had this uncertainty. Can anybody help me out here with some info or experiences. Is there a way to get a half a year working visa easily. Cos I found some info that you could get one for about €80. But not the hows and who's :S
And also renting. I'll arrive in Whistler about the 1st of October. Is that early enough to get a place to rent (I need something for 3 people because 2 friends will go with me) Or should I find something via the internet. I found one link of the Pique Magazine. Does anybody know something else to look for. Thanks for all the help,

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Hi Tsjebber,

I am pretty sure that Travel active in the Netherlands offer help in getting the working holiday visa for Canada. They might be a bit more expensive though than the price you saw as they will probably offer a few peripherals that you might not be interested in. Do a search in google for them and I am sure their website will pop up.

Here in Norway they are talking about the same visa for Canada and travellers will most likely be able to just apply for it online through the Canadian government website. But knowing governments, I'll believe it when I see it :)

Hope that helps, I can't say I've used the visa service but when I was looking into one for Canada, I was referred to TA myself.



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Yow dude thanks a lot for the info. Really appreciated

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Hey Tsjebber,

check this out:

The Youth Exchange Program will allow you to get a work permit for one year. If it is the same like for Germans it should be 'non employer specific', so you don't have to find a company which sponsors you (and it's for free . As far as I know no comany in Whistler will sponsor you. Check out this employer in Whistler:

Hope this helps.....


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Thanks a lot for your help dude. Much appreciated. And yeah I also found out that the resort itself doesn't take people that don't have a visa yet. Hopefully pubs do cos with my references they would be very happy with me. At least I hope so