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1. Posted by walsh055 (Budding Member 4 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

I've searched through the postings here and it seems that when people talk about the Pantanal, they go wherever is convenient on the way to or from other destinations. I just want to know where the Pantanal is best in August. Campo Grande, Cuiaba, or Corumba, as well as nice companies to use or places to stay to tour it. Anybody have any thoughts on the subject?

2. Posted by mim (Respected Member 1276 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

August is a good time to go, dry season when the wildlife will be gathered around the few moist areas, I'd thoroughly reccomend going in from Campo grande but it will depend on where you are coming from, for convenience etc.
In campo Grange there are tons of tour companies and a lot of them are utter cowboys so pick carefully. Avoid Jills tours they have an awful rep, Ive met Jil himself and put it this way, he only has eyes for your money!

I went with ecological expeditions, although its a well trvelled tour they attract the best guides and have the best rep being affiliated with hosetelling international.

ecological expeditions
If you go with them ask for Mario (guide), he's the dude when it comes to trekking and has by far the best attitude

happy travelling you'll have a great time! I've got a few pics under Brazil if you want to check it out...


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hey bras!
august is perfect...
sorry about the poor structure in Brazil.... anyway... Pantanal is in the middle of nowhere....
If you are keen of having a look at some native animals (crocs, diferent fishes and birds), you must stop by BONITO as well. It is quite close to corumbá (think so.. check in the map), but is a MUST (diving in the rivers and doing the 'rappel' at Anhumas). Find a group, rent a car by yourself. It is the best way...

Pantanal, well, there are lots of big farms that receive tourists and take them for sightseeings and fishing trips. they give you a much deeper experience... I think it is the best way....
Ask about these farms in campo grande or corumbá to an agency... (get the name and book by yourself! )
But be aware... 3 days at most. Otherwise, could be quite boring.


4. Posted by Utrecht (Moderator 5778 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

Have some questions as well, as I am going there next year.
Is June a good month as well? Late June to be exactly?

Also, what is not so good about Cuiaba..anyone has good experiences from there?

What are prices for 3-5 day tours...for normal midrange trips? Don't need luxury, but my experience is that budget options sometimes leave you disappointed.

Thanks as well.

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I went from Campo Grande in late June, really good time to visit as waters are low so animals go where the water is, should be the same if not better in August. Went with a Comoany called Ecological Epeditions, can reccommend them, good guides and good food. Pantanal is an awesome place, have fun!

6. Posted by mim (Respected Member 1276 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

Dry season JULY - NOVEMBER (best for wildlife observation, dry fields good grazing, august trees in bloom, peak is october)
Intermediate APRIL/JUNE (water levels receding, small lakes attract thousands of birds)
Wet season DECEMBER - MARCH (pantanal flooded, temperatures high, nesting time for birds)

Hope that clears up any confusion

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i went to cuiaba, and at the airport was met by two tours agencies, the ones that are in the LP ... cant remember their names but anyhows, they had joined in together in order to avoid competition and higher the prices .. they quoted us 100$/per day for trips to the pantanal althought in the 2007 LP and guide du routard it was 65$/day ..when asked about that they said that it was because the american dollars was weak ...

in my opinion its still doesnt justify the 35$/per day increase so we left and took the bus straight to Bolivia --- this is one of my disapointment in this trip because i really wanted to do the pantanal but i couldnt afford the steep price ..i heard that in corumba is lots cheaper ...

i did manage to do the bolivian amazon which was great ...

ciao, carol