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1. Posted by anglosurma (Full Member 106 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Ive had some problems with my travel insurance company lately and i filed a complaint .
as anyone ever had problems with insure and go

customer service was appauling, the staff were not trained on answering simple questions , example , etc {i want to add scuba diving to my policy is this possiblle and what will it cover me for decompression sickness , no answer 20 mins and 400 bahht later still no answer
15 to 20 minuite waiting times to get through to them just to let them know i was admitted to hospital as they request you must doon the policy.
cant identify you as a customer even with the policy numbers issued it takes 10 minuits some times .
when putting a hospital claim through it can take 48 hours to proccess leaving you in a bad position especially as i spent 1 night in hospital but they wouldent let me go untill the insurance company faxed pyment confirmation which took 48 hours.

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I'm looking to buy my travel insurance at the moment and have heard about Insure and Go and they were very reasonably priced. After a bit of research I decided not to go with them mainly because of the reviews I found.

I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news but have a look at the reviews on the link below...

There probably are some people that were very happy with them and generally I do think that people write a review when they are unhappy with a service.

I hope they improve for you and that you don't have any other reason to use them in the future.


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I used them in 2005 and i have to say i thought they were very good.
They were very cheap and provided me with an excellent service when i had to deal with them (Camera theft).

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All insurance companies are good to deal with if you have no claims. Try to find out about any company whose products you are considering by looking at sites like this - before you commit your hard earned!

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I have been recommended
there basic coverage is more than some other companies.

I am sure that they are all the same when we try and claim !

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