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Hi there me and some friends are planning to spend 3 days in Tijanua, does anyone have any info on whats it like and what to do it in, plus is there any good places to go out

Thanks for the info

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Go to Revolution Blvd. It's on the west side of downtown and just across the border (you can even walk across--and then its a 5 minute taxi ride).

The shops, cantinas, restaurants, and jai alai places are all on this street and it gets crowded at crazy at night.

For another (slightly milder) time with more tourists and fewer Mexican locals--go south 30 miles to Rosarita Beach or south 90 miles to Ensenada. In Ensenada go to Papas and Beer or Hussongs for the REALLY crazy stuff.

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Yes...Avenida Revolution....Lot's of crazy bars and such...

Too bad all is such an unsafe neighborhood. I couldn't possibly recommend anywhere to stay. The police are corrupt, the natives prey on tourist, the poverty is distressing, even driving there is dangerous. As a native of San Diego, I avoid TJ. If you are prone to seeing children beg in the street...really young prostitutes at night...mules, spray-painted as zebras, simply for a photo op...cheap goods thrust in your face, over and over again! Dead animal parts made as "souviners"... (It's the closest thing I've ever seen to a refugee camp with commerce.)

Sorry, any TJ friends...I don't like seeing 12 year old prostitutes..I hate seeing any of your wildlife turned into lamps, or whatever...3 year olds begging on the street. It IS, without a doubt, one of the most depressing places I've ever been to. If you want to party your a$$ off there, that's a possibilty...but you WILL be marked! (Oh, BTW, Senor Frogs is a hot spot...thugs absolutely love that place! They'll spot you as a tourist in about 2 seconds, size you up, mug you anywhere along the way and possibly cut your friends throat just to get you to take your money out of an ATM machine for them!) Even the nicest hotels have youngsters barricading the place with UZI's. You may as well plan your next vacation in Beruit for a more relaxing time...

Ireland has crime...but not "in your face, I'll kill you just for a quarter, crime..then again..skip the quarter...you're a foreigner and I have something to prove, or not, crime, regardless..." I would just as soon walk alone as a female through Central Park in NY at 2:00 a.m. with hundred dollar bills spilling out of my pocket than walk through TJ alone at dusk with a kevlar vest.

Go ONLY during the day...(unless you plan on a highly gunned resort), don't trust ANYONE who offers a free drink anywhere, and watch over your shoulder at all times.
TJ makes Belfast look like Disneyland.

I'm sure there are good people who live there...but the reality is who really is in charge...and it's not the nice people.

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Considering Belfast still has special barbed wire to protect its church windows from having grenades thrown through them, and considering New York City is one of the safest cities in the US, I'm not sure the comparisons are entirely appropriate, but I do agree that this section of Tijuana is not the best. It's not nearly as bad as Ladymacwil makes it sound, however. I think the way she describes it is more the way it was about 15 years ago--not the way it is today.

Still, as I said, you can have a lot more fun in Rosarita Beach and Ensenada than in Tijuana. I'd only go to this section of TJ in the afternoon or early evening--and not late at night or early in the morning. And I prefer to go to either of the other two cities (or Puerto Nuevo) rather than TJ.

P.S. Rosarita is a lot more "happening" in the summer than in the other months. Ensenada is busy year round.

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Thanks Cal,

Read that the next day after posting with a few glasses of wine...figured that may have been a bit harsh.

I'm sorry. Living in San Diego, I just know too many people who have regretted going there for whatever reason.

Last funeral I went to was for a twenty year old, a friend of my sons, Coast Guard Ensign, who was the "good samaritan" for someone driving up from TJ.

At the golf resort, Bajamar, we were nearly driven off the road by people throwing out beer bottles on the highway. We saw them a few miles later, their car overturned in a ditch.

I obviously do not have the fondest place in my heart for Tijuana.

I know there are great people there, (Heck, Carlos Santana is from TJ... Cool! The martini was supposedly invented there...cooler still!) But...out of anywhere in the world to go? I'm not saying DON'T as much as be really careful. (Of course, I would say the same thing about L.A. ....so there you go....)

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My friend and I spent a night in Tijuana last year and we stayed at the Fiesta Inn. We found it to be pretty good considering the options. The people working there not great with english (had trouble finding which floor our room was on) but other than that it was ok and not to far to catch a taxi to markets etc. We also went to the markets that everyone recommends near the boarder. They were pretty good but beware going during the week when no one is around as you may feel like the only tourists in mexico. (is also hard to brouse as you are the only person the stall holders can hassle )We thought we had been dropped off in some strange area and felt desserted, but it was only because we were there during the week, on the weekends apparently they get really busy. Good luck. Worth a short visit.

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Calcruzer is right...been to TJ a handful of times myself, but wouldn't think of spending a night there...if you're just looking for clubs, do it in San Diego...much safer...if you are set on TJ, don't drive across the border, particularly if you will be staying overnight...good luck...buen viaje!

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After reading the above posts, you really should rethink your plans. The reason several have mentioned walking across the border is that your auto insurance is not valid in Mexico. Do not drive in Mexico, it is not worth the risk. You will be responsible for theft or damage. Walk across and take a taxi if you have to. Taxis are not that safe either. Too often the driver turns down an alley where his buddies are waiting. Now you lose your money and ID, or worse.

I was there in the late 60s and don't care to go back. 10 of us from my HS went across for some excitement and boy did we get it. 2 were mugged, 3 were arrested on bogus charges. The police want their 'mordida', 'the bite' or bribe. We paid enough to keep them out of jail and staggered back across the border. Yes, we did go to get drunk and laid, but it was not a smart decision. Looking back with the benefit of hindsight, we were lucky to leave with no serious injuries and just empty wallets.

If you do go, take only what you are willing to spend or lose. Stay together and watch out for each other. Do not drink to the point you are an easy target. Try to join up with others while bar hopping. Safety in numbers is sound advice. Good luck.