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Hi everybody,

I'm planning to travel to Europe next year, highlighting Italy and Turkey. I have a visa card from a local bank in Indonesia, can I use it there? Also, can I use HSBC credit card? or is it better to use Citibank? I heard that credit card from some banks (probably local) cannot be used abroad. Anyone knows anything about this?

Thanks a lot in advance for any tips & info!


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I had a Visa from a Canadian bank when I was in Europe last year and had no problems. I believe that if you have a "Visa" or a "Mastercard" or whatnot it should be irrelevant what type of bank it's with. Just remember to alert your bank that you'll be travelling abroad or they may cut your card.

Katie ;)

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hsbc will be absolutely fine. As well as informing your bank, make sure you've paid (and somebody at home continues to pay off) the minimum amount each month or you'll also get cut off. In addition, virtually all pin no's in Europe are 4digit, whereas some other in the world are 6, which can cause problems.

Italy you'll be fine, turlkey can be trickier to find (working atm's) outside of the larger towns/cities, tourist and coast areas, so if your going off the beaten track, make sure you have at least a little cash etc, especially as some shops/hotels etc won't accept cards, although you find that everywhere.