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Hi all.

Wer are the best couple of plcaes to see in Europe? Wer planning a round the world trip for next year hopefully lasting for about 7 months +. Our first stop would probably bejing or hong kong but i was thinking it would be really good to see a couple of places in europe first on the way over to asia. Ive been to Venice before and that was AMAZING, i was thinkin it would be good to see Rome and Millan. But with them both being Italy i dont know if it would be best to just see one of those places and then go somewer else, bt i dont know were??? What are everyones thoughts on this??
thanks loads.

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How long were you planning to devote to Europe? If you want to see one or two cities, I'd pick the ones you most want to see - even if they're in a country you've already been to. If there's something tugging at you to see them, by all means go!

If you have more time, do a little research and see what sparks your interest. Personally, I'd target some bigger cities and map out a way to visit each for a good few days (I recommend no less that 4-5 days each place). Once you pick, decide the most economical way to travel from one to the next. There are so many great places to see! I loved Paris, Brussels, London, Seville, the Amalfi coast, Tuscany....but you really cant go wrong.

If you have any more questions, ask away!!

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Thank you for your reply.

Well i havent really thought how long we will be in europe for as of yet because its going to be a good 12-15 months before we go as i will be doing my final year at uni until then (my girlfriend and i are trying are best to work lots and save lots in between so we can afford the trip!) I really do want to go to Rome but my friend went to Millan for a few days a few months ago and that does also look amazing! Iv got plenty of time to look into all the othher opetions for europe anyway.

My girlfreind does really want to go to Paris. You mentioned that you have been before?? how was that?? We could go to paris first as that would be really close (wer english), and then go to rome or Millan from ther. We could also be able to on a coach to paris instead of a plaine which my work out cheeper!

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What places would be best would depend greatly on your interests and reasons for travelling. For example if you are interested in Eco tourism Rome would be one of the worst cities you could possibly choose, but if you are interested in history and amazing architecture, then Rome is one of the best cities in the world to choose. I loved Rome infact so much I made a 2nd trip to Italy just to see Rome again for a longer amount of time. Next trip to Europe I'll probably go there again. If you go to Rome you'll need to allow a minimum of 5 days by 7 would be better if possible. I've spend 11 days there in total and still not got around to seeing everything when I try to include the ancient underground Rome as well as the attractions on the outskirts of Rome and I was out and about on average for 12-14 hours a day of walking and sight seeing (I did see some of the same things twice though seeing it was on two separate trips).

If you aren't planning on getting a round the world ticket one thing you should definitely do if you are planning on going to Beijing is get the Trans Mongolian or Trans Siberian to see some of Russia. Moscow and especially St Petersburg are really amazing cities. Try to make sure if you do decide to do this that you reach St Petersburg in the months when the fountains at Peter hof are on. This is one of the nicest things you'll see in Russia especially if you are keen on photography. Russia has something for most types of traveller but heaps of stuff if you are the type of traveller that is interested in Rome and Paris. The Hermitage has got so much to see that if you looked at every piece for only 10 seconds it is said that it'd take you 3 and a half years to see every piece! Nothing in Moscow and St Petersburg is on a small scale everything is massive and spectacular. Catherine’s Palace (in the suburbs of St Petersburg) is just amazing. She even had this medium sized marble pyramid fit for most kings or queens for her pet dog! The main room in the palace is massive and has this piece of art that is perfect in every way that goes the whole length of the room. Everything about St Petersburg is Grande (if you like Venice then St Petersburg is said to be the Venice of the East although it doesn't have anywhere near the same amount of canals but id far more spectacular). The visa to Russia is expensive and is painful to get but is sure a rewarding one when you get to see the amazing country. When I was applying I thought to myself with all these hassels it'll want to bloody be worth it! If you go to Russia if it is possible you should try and obtain the visa before you leave home because unless you spend a hell of a lot of money the visa takes ages to process (mine took 4 weeks between when I sent my passport and when I got the passport back).

You were asking about Paris, well in my experience I thought Paris was really nice but St Petersburg was far nicer and the reasons people would go to Paris and like it are similar reasons to why people would go to St Petersburg and like it.

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Quoting brtrude

My girlfreind does really want to go to Paris. You mentioned that you have been before?? how was that?? We could go to paris first as that would be really close (wer english), and then go to rome or Millan from ther. We could also be able to on a coach to paris instead of a plaine which my work out cheeper!

I have a soft spot for Paris - it's a beautiful city. There's tons to do, depending on what you're interests are. I loved visiting the Catacombs and the cemeteries, plus there's the Louvre (give yourself a day), landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and l'Arc de Triomphe, the Palais de Versailles (just outside the city), and sections of the city like the Latin Quarter and all around Sacre Coeur. Paris is a great walking city - you can head down street after street and never be bored.

Honestly, though - pick just about any big city in Europe and you'll find things to amaze you. I did hear that Milan is more of a business city that a tourist one, but I've never been myself. If you haven't seen Venice, though, do add it to the list!

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Do they have to be really huge cities such as London, Berlin, etc.. ?

These cities are okay, there are lots to do, but they don't give you a very wide impression of what Europe really is I think. i'm talking in the sense of these cities being the main commercial points, but they are worth a visit, definitely! If I had to pick a major one it would probably be London (can't just bypass that I guess) and Berlin, for what it's meant to recent history.

I really like smaller cities though, like Prague. It's easy to get around, and it doesn't have much to envy to the big metropolis besides the shopping zones etc... Budapest is meant to be a good one too, I'm going there in a few weeks.

Have you thought about picking a city from the "western block" and another city from the "eastern block" ?

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My 2c.
Coming from Ireland, myself and my girlf decided to visit the places that are furthest away first, while we had the time and the money - asia - china/thailand/cambodia/laos/singapore/malaysia,vietnam, australia, fiji, nz. That was all of 2006. Next up we've got Chile, Argentina, Peru and some of bolivia, Nov-Jan coming. We'd like to do tibet and nepal also, but that will be a while i think.

The reason we decided to do this is that these places can't so easily be done bit by bit, like Europe can be. We are able to devote substantial cash and time at the moment to doing the far-away ones. We figure that we can easily do city breaks, or 2-3 week trips to east/west europe. When we have a mortgage and kids and can't spend that much money in the future, this will be the approach.

Finally, in asia and S.america (and indeed nz and oz) your money will go further than in Europe. If you're just coming out of uni, then you won't have been able to store so much away, so if you want to spend a year travelling, places like India, China, Asia, SAmerica etc will take less of your little cash. Also, in these places you will tend to learn a lot more about how the rest of the world lives, and i think you will come away a bit more open minded about other very different cultures than spending the time and money in civilizations very similar to your own.

Just somethings to think about. but most of all enjoy it. it's an amazing experience.

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I've been to Paris several times and I'm always awestruck with this city. It is like walking on a canvas. Take a riverboat down the Seine at dusk and it is just magical. You and your girlfriend will always remember the first time you saw Paris! I would suggest staying in the Latin Quarter or St Germaine where there are wonderful pedestrian streets, great cafes, etc. that won't break your budget. BTW, I find it interesting how other cities compare themselves to Paris; "Edinburgh is the Paris of the UK...Budapest is the Paris of Eastern Europe..." and so on.

Speaking of Budapest, I also found that an amazing city where the cost of living is much less than in most Western European cities. Although I wouldn't rule out Prague or Vienna either.

I do agree with the one poster however, who mentioned to take the furthest trip while you can afford to do so. Although for me personally...I keep heading back to Europe in a heartbeat. (Of course, I'm from the US so most of Europe actually is half a world away from me...)

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