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Im a 28 year old girl from england. Im planning to do some travelling from end of september/ october this year. As it stands currently Im likely to be starting my travels alone and as it approaches Im starting to feel nervous about it so......... there anyone out there that may want a travelling companion. Im preferable looking for another female of a similiar age to travel with but I can't say im too bothered providing they are fairly socialable and honest.

As for my plans, these keep changing as I read up on new places. I will probably like to head to Oz or thailand initially but im open to suggestions. I think I will be travelling for anywhere between 3 and 6 months depending on finances. My budget is reasonable but since Im not a hardened traveller Im unsure how far it will go and the temptation to book myself into a nice hotel with a pool may just be too appealing :P

Anyways, if you might be interested in tagging along with this newbie traveller then give me a shout.

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i am karen, 30, Malaysian chinese, currently working in Leeds uk.
like to travel and plan it too...
how is ur plan now ? i keen to visit Japan....
what u think ?
nice to meet u..... which part of uk r u from?

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I am in a simelar position but only have 2 weeks! Have been to Aus and Thailand but if you are looking at Malaysia for a couple of weeks let me know

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im from norway,and will be travelling alone in november...i will be heading for oz the first if u are heading that way i wouldnt mind some company...:)

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I wanted to update my original post with dates etc since I have now booked flights and the person I had arranged to travel with can not leave at the same time.

I will be arriving in Bangkok on 4th Oct, staying in thailand until 2nd Nov and then moving onto Sydney until just before christmas. Roughly my plans are to stay in Bangkok for a few days up to a week and then move along the coast line seeing the sites and sunbathing. Still ideally want to stay in a mix of cheaper/ 'travellers' places to meet people and perhaps the odd hotel with a pool for a bit of RnR. The plan in Oz is to spend some time in Sydney and then move up the gold coast during Nov and Dec.

If any of these plans are similar to yours and you fancy someone tagging along, give me a shout, especially during those first few days in Bangkok.