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My female friends who travlled alone in India had very nice and beautiful experiences and there are so many still travelling solo.

Please don't exagerate things on india on the negative side especially that happened A DECADE AGO, may be for you, unfortunatley.

Normal Precautions are to be taken while travelling solo in whichever country you travel. Only those who don't and think that they can do whatever they want being on a foreig soil , land in problems.

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Sorry guys for being away from the forums for 3 weeks as i was on a vacation to Thailand/malaysia/singapore.

Coming back to the original post of Catriona, just take the necessary precautions as enumerated by so many others in this thread

Since ur interested in Trekking and meditation u can consider visiting Leh(Laddakh) and its surrounding areas. The road to Leh remains open from July to September, so ur in at the right time. U can take the Delhi-shimla-Manali-Leh route.

The road journey from manali to leh of 470km, passing through spectacular landscape is worth the pain. Once u reach Leh u have 2 important to Nubra Valley and other to Pangong Lake.. the road to Nubra valley passes through Khardung-La, the highest motorable road in the road at almost 6000metres. Pangong lake at an altitude of 4200m is a beautiful lake which is 120Kms, half of which is in India and the rest in China.... Apart from these there are numerous trekks available ranging from 4 days to a month

Just to add one more thing.... Since ur a solo female traveller avoid visiting the Ashrams as these are infested with people having perverted mind

Do let me know if u need more info

Cheers and have a nice trip

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Quoting Mel.

Welcome back Arif.

Thanks Mel:)

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OK - l am stepping in here - l havent travelled in India but l find the tone of some the posts in this thread verging on inflamatory and indeed personal.

Mel as far as l can see has not said anything BAD about travelling alone in India - which she has done albeit some time ago but still she has had the experience. In fact l read her inital response which which she advised to be wary but she said India was amazing and there was nowhere quite like it.

You are entitled to differing opinions but you do not have the right to critise someone elses just because you do not necessarily agree with it - sure question it and query it but then leave it at that.

PLEASE KEEP THE FORUM ON TOPIC - l shall keep an eye on this thread and if it gets ANYMORE out of hand l will be deleting posts.

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100% agreed Purdy.

I've removed / edited the posts in question. Let's keep it nice everyone.

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Quoting Mel.

U dont have to worry excessively, but there is a chance, that somebody will offer u a drink with a sedative in it, in order to rob u. This is rare, but beware of offers of drinks or food from strangers anyway. If travelling at night, travel in the first class sleeper. Otherwise, one of u should stay awake. Slashing pockets and bags, in order to steal things was common, when I was in India 10 years ago.

Hi Mel, did you hear any particular stories of people being robbed like this? A reference to a story would be appreciated, in light of how this comment has been received.

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Well, let me see.
Can I come up with a story. It did not happen to me personally.
There was one girl who was drugged, and her passport was stolen.
She was also sexually assaulted.
The Indian guy who told me this, when I was in Mumbai, told me that the attack was carried out by a Pakistani man. He considered it important for me to know, that the attack was carried out by a Pakistani man and not an Indian man. But whoever carried it out is irrelevant to me. What is important is that travelers should be vigilant about this and many other things, when travelling. I only heard of one person being drugged, while I was in India. That is why I say it is rare.

The bag slashing. The thieves seemed to be very zippy with that one, when I was in India. It had happened to a number of people I met. They could cut right through a persons shirt and moneybelt, without waking the person up. I suggested that first class sleeper carriages on trains are safer, because that is how Wouter told me it was, when he was in India. He said, the more well to do Indians and others who travel first class tend to take care of each other.

I am not going to have to come of with stories, about everythink I say, am I?
Anyway, I think I will quit telling 'lies', or anything else about India. This is around the 5th thread, where I have seen this sort of aggrivation, since I joined TP. I have been called a liar, exaggerater, rascist by too many Indian members of TP. And I have seen them launch the same abuse at other members of TP.
In future, I will find my information in the Lonely Planet, or on the internet, and others can ask questions here, if they want. It is a pity, that I have to make this decision, because I like India, and intend to travel there again.