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1. Posted by MELANIEAM7 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Myself & my partner are looking to go to Oz in Jan/Feb 08'. As regards the work, the cost of living, the accomodation availability, the weather, the beaches & things to do, could you please give me the Positives & the Negatives about all the areas in Oz, to help us make up our mind which area we should go to, as we're hoping for possible sponsorship from it, to be able to stay on, if we love it. I'm an Account Manager in Sales & my partner is an electrician... As much information as possible would be very very helpful. Thankyou.

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If you want year round nice weather, I would go with brisbane. It is a commercial corporate city, so the job opportunities are endless, also, SE queensland is going boom. You have endless beaches to the south and north, gold and sunshine coasts, are within an hours drive. The weather is beautiful in the summer, and very liveable in the winter. The average temperature during winter would be in the 16-22 range in and around coastal brisbane. the summer is just beautiful all the time. The downside is the cost of living, which is continually going up. House prices in brisbane are going through the roof, but if you dont mind commuting, the suburbs and surrounds are still affordable. Since i have been here for a year, coming from Canada, i have found that everything costs money here, and is quite a bit more expensive than home. Vehicles, gas, food was a shocker for me!
As for migration, i just received a four year temp. res. visa, and it was a matter of paper work. I do work in oil and gas, so it may have been easier. Also, taxes are quite high.
Overall, it is a pretty nice place to live, once you get used to the Aussies being in love with themselves! the weather is great, and the beaches and sports are great.
thats just my two cents!

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Quoting markmac

Overall, it is a pretty nice place to live, once you get used to the Aussies being in love with themselves!

Interesting point. Why do you say that (and I'm not disagreeing with you necessarily)?

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I wouldn't call the Brisbane weather exactly nice year round. Although the temperature is good, it's way and far too humid during the wet season.
Sydney is (imo) a much better option if weather is your main guideline. The beaches aren't up to par with those near Brisbane (they're nice but small), but it has way more to do, varied neighbourhoods which are far more interesting, and very very pleasant weather for 90% of the year, with only the hottest parts of summer getting a bit uncomfortable. Accommodation is expensive and/or hard to find though.
Melbourne doesn't have as nice weather (four seasons in one day holds the entire year, with every summer containing at least a freak hailstorm or two), but at least compared to western European standards, the weather there is a marked improvement, with it never getting really cold. (Although you'll still want a small indoor heater for winter nights, as people perpetually underestimate how cold 5 degrees above freezing really is.) :) Another negative point: don't go walking in the park during the summer, for the flies will drive you crazy. Melbourne doesn't have as many attractions as Sydney, but is an infinitely interesting city to live in, with even more variety in the various neighbourhoods to explore, an awesome live music scene, and more restaurants than you can shake a stick at. Beaches are an issue though, with the better ones being an hour or two away.

Perth, reportedly, is the best option of them all - but I never made it over there :(, so I can't confirm or deny that from personal experience.

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About Perth weather ok all year around winter day temperatures +18 - +24. Summer pretty hot but dry heat so different to east coast. Tons of jobs as it's booming over here, massive mining jobs from Asia so whole state has taken off...Nice and small, but still a city. Friendly people and I don't think they're in love with themselves.
Down side the most expensive city in Oz accommodation wise. Renting and buying

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My tip as an aussie - go to new zealand. The landscape is far more beautiful the cost of living is far more reasonable and even better there are very few australians there. I live in brisbane and i am loving it at the moment because it is "winter"in these 2 months you can actually enjoy yourself where as for the rest of the year unless you have an airconditioned car, workplace and house you nearly go crazy from the humidity - oh and did i mention it never rains?? come to australia if you like the idea of being fined if you have a shower for more than 8 minutes. Australia is a great place for a holiday but honestly u dont want to live here. New Zealand is great though - not nearly so many idiots either.

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oops i wrote minute showers - i mean 4. 4 minutes. what a paradise.