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I will soon be traveling all over south america and wondered if there is a better time of the year to go. is there a serious winter in any or the countries? like colorado in febuary??!? kinda hard for me to think of taking chains to south america!


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Depend on the city you want to visit. In Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia weather is nice all year. I think people prefer to travel from July to March.

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As it is a complete continent you are talking about, differences can be enormous. There are indeed countries with serious winters, being the southern half of both Chile and Argentina. So a visit to Patagonia is best avoided from May/June to September/early October. Allthough this does not necessarily mean it is impossible. For example if you like skiing in some parts or want to have some places to yourself;)

Also, the Altiplano (higher more flat areas in the Andes where you can travel without having to climb basically) can be cold but actually this is the best time to visit as the colder months of June-September have the best weather with clear sunny days and almost no rain at all. But temperatures can drop to -20 (celcius that is) at night.

And then there are rainy seasons as well, for example in the Amazon, which usually has wetter months from December to April/May.
And to end: some places can be very very hot during the summer months, especially Paraguay, northern Argentina and the Pantanal in Brazil, where the months of December to February can be way over 40, which is just not comfortable during travelling.

Cheers! Michael

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