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hey all,

i've been doing a little bit of research today on different safari tours from Nairobi to Cape Town. I can understand why people prefer to do it on their own and not with an organised tour... but i feel that going with a tour company is the best option for me...

now, here are my options:

i could spend roughly a month in Nairobi (travelling around Kenya) and do a 42 day camping safari from there down to Cape Town and spend a few weeks in Cape Town.
Or... spend just 2 weeks in Nairobi and do a 37 day camping safari to Namibia... spend roughly 2 weeks in Namibia (Windhoek)... then a 9 day safari to Cape Town... spending a few weeks there.

has anyone been to Namibia ? is it worth stopping here ? was looking at cheap hostels etc and found one in Walvis Bay. has anyone been there ?

i'll consider anything else that you can recommend ? i have roughly 3 months starting in either Tanzania or Kenya and must finish in Cape Town to fly out from here.

thanks :D

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Mico82, I think you will definitely want to see Namibia as it is well worth the experience. Have you looked for hostels in Swakopmund? I would think you would rather stay there than Walvis Bay. It's quite a viby little down with loads of things to do: sky diving, quad biking, sand boarding and things like that. For your overall trip, how about something like this: spend 2 weeks in Nairobi, catch an overland to Vic Falls and then catch another overland from Vic Falls through Botswana and Namibia down to Cape Town. Then you can spend a couple of weeks in Cape Town. Cape Town is a paradise and will worth a couple weeks stay. I think you'll find it more rewarding than Nairobi. I've done a couple of overlands, one a Joburg - Nairobi and another joburg-namibia-botswana-joburg and loved both of them! I have heard so many good things about the cape town-vic falls tour as well. Three months should be plenty of time. If you can't find an overland from Nairobi to Vic Falls, consider touring with the same overland company and seeing if they can work something out for you. I toured with Drifters Adventures and Kiboko Adventures, both South African companies and was happy with both. Good luck with your planning and happy travels!

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I did an overland tour of Southern Africa in May...started in Vic falls all the way down to Cape town and had the most amazing time! It is def. worth visiting Namibia (awesome sites to be seen).
I'd recommend only 2 weeks in Kenya and then join a overland tour all the way through to Cape town from Kenya and 3 months is enough!

I hope you have an awesome time

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hey... thanks for the tips :)

i've decided namibia it is... i'll spend roughly 2 weeks there and break the camping safari up a bit. think i'll be looking forward to a proper bed after a while lol.

i'll look into swakopmund soupatrvlr... thanks !